New Titles for Book Review


In the coming weeks Delighting Grace, in partnership with Christian Literature Crusade (CLC) Philippines will post book reviews of their titles. As indicated in their letter, the new batch of books came from different categories that CLC offers. It has Devotionals, Christian Living and Ministry Resources showcasing the versatility of CLC that caters to various needs of Christians. So fresh from the package, the books to be reviewed are:


Advance Strategic Planning by Audrey Malphurs

Integrity in the Workplace by Steve Marr

Lift Up Your Eyes by Christopher Shaw

Daylight by Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Being Christian by Stephen Arterburn


So guys please pray for us as we explore these titles and may we review it with the mission to exalt God and inspire Christians. Also don’t forget to come visit this blog for those reviews. If you have questions please free to post it on our comment or e-mail it to me: Again thank you CLC Philippines for the opportunity to review those titles and working together to bring Filipinos Christians books to read for their spiritual growth.


P.S. if you miss the book reviews of the previous titles of CLC Philippines you can check below the link:

Book Review: The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall

Book Review: Marriage Matters by Winston T. Smith

Book Review: A Vision of the Deep by Susan Scott Sutton

Book Review: God Without Religion by Andrew Farley

FYI! There are other books I’ve reviewed aside from CLC titles, take a dip on them below:

Book Review: Leaders that Last by Dave Kraft

Book Review: Be All You Can Be by John Maxwell

Book Review: Calling Christian Leaders by John Stott

Book Review: Knowing Scriptures by R. C. Sproul

Boo Review: Giving Up is Not an Option by William B. Girao

One last thing, if you want to write a book review you might like this post:

5 Essential Things in Writing a Book Review

God bless!!! Enjoy Jesus!!!


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