The Digital Round- Up (Freebie Edition #3)

zkorsnz…Aaaaand its back folks! This post will over flow with the best freebies Delighting Grace can find. So gather up you freebie junkies and splurge on this vat of free stuff. If you find these cool stuff useful, please share it on Facebook or any social media you have.

Free audiobook “The Deeper Christian Life” by Andrew Murray- this freebie is uploaded at Libri Vox which houses lots of audiobook of public domain books. I thought the recording was bad but it turns out its super awesome.

Free “Paperback Bible” – SermonAudio provides Christians every books in the Bible individually downloadable that is more portable and usable with ample margins for you to write something.

Free “Why Do the 5 Solas Matter Today?’ booklet – this free e-booklet from Free Presbyterian of Ulster tackles the question “How a sinner can be accepted by God?”

Free album download “The Weight of Glory” by Heath McNease – as you browse the title of the songs on this free album, you’ll realize that this folk album is inspired by the works of C. S. Lewis.

Free “Beautiful Word” coloring pages – if its coloring is your thing, you’ll find this collection worth it.

Free album download “Songs from the New City Catechism 3” – a fresh new album to download for your kids.

Free Adventure of Superman Radio Program – as we anticipate the release of the landmark issue which is Action Comics #1000 (Action Comics #1 was Superman’s first appearance in 1938), Delighting Grace would like to celebrate it by posting the complete radio program of Adventures of Superman. This 11 minute radio show was aired in 1938-1951 is not just an nostalgic gem but a legacy of Superman on that new form of media back then.


The Quotable Round-Up #76

tpn6bjcHowdy  to all! I hope you’re having a great day as you dive in this brand new collection of quotes! This time we are featuring a mix bag of quotes from Mark Jones “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards”, Tony Reinke’s “12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You”, and Al Mohler’s “The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down” . And if you got stoked with these quotes, please get the books at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love. To possess him entails possessing love. We therefore obey as loving creatures with hearts changed by the Spirit of Christ. In light of this, one fundamental point needs to be clearly made: God accepts and rewards our works not because of any intrinsic merit in ourselves, but because our good works are performed by the power of the Holy Spirit. As a result, for God to reject our good Spirit-wrought deeds, he would not only be rejecting us, but also himself.” — Mark Jones “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards”

“We find no stingy God in the Scriptures who keeps the heavens shut and refuses to bless his people. No, if he will ‘tear open’ the heavens and send his Son to die for our sins, ‘how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?’ (Rom. 8:32).” — Mark Jones “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards”

“If we understand that our Father knows our needs before we ask him, we won’t feel compelled to try to impress God with our prayers and elicit a certain response through some sort of feigned earnestness. Instead, by faith we will see a sovereign God who is ready and able to answer our prayers, and who directs all things for our good and his glory.” –Al Mohler “The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down” 

“Prayer is not persuasion. Prayer is about God’s will being done—not our own. We must come to God and learn to pray “your will be done” just as Jesus did. If God’s will is truly perfect, then why would we want to persuade him to do something that is less than perfect? It is true that Scripture encourages us to bring our deepest concerns, anxieties, and needs before God—the Bible, in fact, is full of illustrations portraying as much—but we must not bring our needs to God thinking that we do so to break down a wall of hostility or complacency. We must bring our needs before God humbly, willing to submit to his perfect plan.”–Al Mohler “The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down” 

“Prayer is never an isolated event. When we pray, we convey our entire theological system. Our theology is never so clearly displayed before our own eyes and before the world as in our prayers. Praying forces us to articulate our doctrines, convictions, and theological assumptions.” –Al Mohler “The Prayer that Turns the World Upside Down” 

Technology even in the most evil hands of man is not outside God’s ruling hands.” –Tony Reinke “12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You”

“The presence of the Holy Spirit in us, as he enables us to do good works, plays an important role in whether God accepts and rewards the good works of believers. The Spirit enables us to do good works in accordance with the commandments of God. We do not simply obey “externally” but also “internally” due to a changed heart. Thus, the root of love must be present in all of our good works. otherwise, they fail to be good.” — Mark Jones “A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Good Works and Rewards”



The Digital Round-Up #16

zkorsnzHello there! Here’s “The Digital Round-Up” to give you some of my favorite freebies, articles and everything in between. What do you think of it? Eclectic? Weird? Interesting? I just want to know. So please, please, please do me a favor and post your comments about this post at the comment section. Thank you and God bless!

Free “God’s Promise” by Charles Spurgeon – haven’t checked it out but if it’s from the Prince of Preachers it must be good.

Free “That’s Just Your Interpretation” by Paul Copan. Th_ book is available free till March 17, tackles questions skeptics often thrown to Christians.

12 Things I Learned about Reading Books from Tony Reinke – Kevin Halloran counts down 12 lessons found in “Lit” by Tony Reinke.

How to Encourage Intellectual Christians in the Evangelical Church – not only does this article encourage Christians but also teaches how church members sharpen their thinking and reasoning for the glory of God.

10 Things You Should Know About the Bible – some in the list are familiar but simply this article is a worthy read.

5 Promises for Your Bible Reading and Prayer – Are you discouraged in your quite time? Here are five promises from God that you’ll get in Bible reading and prayer.

Why No Altar Call – Aaron Currin of The Publican’s blog gives 4 reasons why not use altar call (and gives a history lesson and personal experience about it).

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Survival Guide for Parents– Ivy Guerrero writes how her family enjoyed this year’s biggest book sale and prepare you to the next book sale event.

The Story of Tetris – a very interesting documentary about a computer game from the 80’s in the midst of the US-Soviet Cold War.

The Digital Round-Up #15

zkorsnzHello there! Here’s “The Digital Round-Up” to give you some of my favorite freebies, articles and everything in between. What do you think of it? Eclectic? Weird? Interesting? I just want to know. So please, please, please do me a favor and post your comments about this post at the comment section. Thank you and God bless!

FREE “Wordsearch Starter” Bible software – this free Bible software (plus 10 free ebooks) promise that this software is not shallow and has ample detailed tools to study the Bible.

FREE “Calvin on the Christian Life” by Michael Horton – free download just by signing the brief survey.

Four Crucial Questions Raised by Black Panther– As Black Panther movie breaks the box office, it also raises some important questions about race, identity and justice. Read this short but great article that tackles some grounds the movie has covered.

What Does “World” Mean in John 3: 16? – Did Jesus die for all or only to the elect? What does John 3: 16 really say.

How to Read the Bible Well: An Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics – David Qaoud gives us steps on how to make much of the Scriptures.

9 Questions Interesting People Ask to Cut to the Small Talk– this set of questions are straight forward and thought provoking that will really help you get to know the person you are talking to.

500+ Preaching Resources – This couldn’t wait for the Freebie Edition and some of the links here are not free so I’ll leave this huge list by David Murray.

New Words Added to Oxford English Dictionary- Again! – Let Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogarty tells you the latest words plus why dictionaries add words often.

25 Great Calvin and Hobbes Strips – I recently got interested in reading this popular comic strip by Bill Watterson. Im planning to buy books collecting these strips. Will you help me out?

Voddie Baucham warns the latest trend in Christianity

The Quotable Round-Up #75

tpn6bjcHowdy to all! I hope you’re having a great day as you dive in this brand new collection of quotes! This time we are featuring quotes from the book “Reviving New England” by Nate Pickowicz. And as always if you got stoked with these quotes, please get the books at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon.

“Churches have adopted business model and practices, pastors have watered down their sermons, praise bands have taken to performing rock concerts during the worship services, the Bible and theology have been minimized, pragmatism has taken a front seat, even the gospel itself has been minimized to all dangerous level-all to attract churchgoers, thus producing numerical growth. This often gets labeled “revival”. However, in many cases, these efforts consist of nothing more than man-made gimmicks that produce no lasting effects and create false converts.” – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

“The term “revival” did not come into common English usage until the time of Cotton Mather (1663-1728). It must be noted that revival is different than revivalism- the former being historically understood as “a surprising work of God” versus the latter, a man-made movement propagated to guarantee conversion results.” – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

“The church must be willing to herald God’s word unashamed, and in order to do this, we must be willing to give God His pulpits back.” – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

“It is from the pulpit that God speaks to His people through His word, so when His voice is removed and replaced with another, the church is quickly led astray. History bears witness to the fact than when the church loses her influence; the culture suffers, degrades and eventually falls. But worse than the damage to culture is the absolute tragic end of souls who meet their demise without ever being reconciled to God through the gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

“Passages of text must be interpreted in their right context and applied correctly to the modern-day believer. Many Bible texts have been wrenched out of their context and butchered through spiritualizing their meaning. Making the text means something it was never intended to mean is called eisegesis, which betrays the text, rendering a sermon “unbiblical.”   – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

“So, what does biblical preaching mean? It means the Bible is your primary, secondary, and tertiary source. It means that the main idea of your sermon is not based on a TV show you recently watched, or a chapter of a book you just read. It means that you are endeavoring to deliver ro God’s people something from His word.” – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

“Passion is borne out of the soul, not out of the lungs. Louder preaching doesn’t equal better preaching. At best, a loud yet dispassionate preacher comes across as insincere, if not angry. The listeners of this kind of preaching will only feel yelled-at, and likely shut down. From where, then, does the passion to preach originate? It radiates from the burning heart of God’s servant.”  – Nate Pickowicz, “Reviving New England” #natepickowicz #revivingnewengland #revival #biblicalpreaching

The Digital Round-Up (Filipino Edition #1)

zkorsnzIt’s all Filipino content here on “The Digital Round-Up” (well except the Paul Tripp freebie). So enjoy these articles that are near to our Pinoy hearts.

Free The Invitation to Love – Written by Paul David Tripp, this free devotional aims to know what love means in the light of God’s Word.

What Keeps MeGoing – Pastor Derick reflects on his 9 years serving the church and God.

Five Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Should Study Church History – a long but awesome read on why we should check out our family heritage, the church.

The Slave Bible – According to Pastor Eyriche, misinterpreting the Bible is a equal as literally cutting some parts of God’s Word.

God’s Love? What About Wrath? – How does God’s love and wrath compliment each other? Read this great article from Pastor Noel Espinosa.

With Thy Might – An excellent article on how important work in the spiritual sphere by Elijah Abanto.

State of English in PH – PDI article on the state of English proficiency and a concern to level up to be competitive globally.

How This Pinay Started An Online Reading Community – An interview with Bookbed’s founder KB Meniado. Its a privilege to be part of this community and contributed book reviews to the website. You can check my book reviews on Private Iris and Pangkat Papaya  on Bookbed’s website.


Book Review: Usapang God’s Will by John MacArthur

photo grabbed from Passages Books

So how do we know God’s will? Let Bible teacher and pastor John MacArthur unveil it in this book titled “Usapang God’s Will”.  Having a MacAthur book in Taglish, this book not just became more accessible but more penetrating. I read the English version (Found: God’s Will) and to be honest I have to re-read the lines so I wont miss out what its trying to say.  Kudos to OMFLit for translating and printing this awesome book.

Reading “Usapang God’s Will” will make you realize that God’s will is not a mystery that you have to seek hard. It’s plain laid out in the Bible. So why do people miss that out? There are lots of reasons but this book sets the record straight in a very unconventional (yet biblical) way. Check the Christian bookshelf and you’ll see want I mean. We tend to read and buy a sort of “how to” Christian books that are so popular today. “Usapang God’s Will” will definitely stand out and delivers the theme solid till the last page.

“Usapang God’s Will” doesn’t just bring the sixth principle as the big surprise (which they indicate in the back cover) but the five others will turn you upside down. Picking this book up knowing that it’s not another one of those self help Christian book that you always buy at the bookstore, you’ll find it very compelling read. So prepare for this dynamite of a book that is truly life changing.

I would suggest, for those who love “how to” Christian books,that  ”Usapang God’s Will” should be a benchmark for other books you will consume in that popular category. Also if you want to go further, go read Kevin DeYoung’s book “Just Do Something” which is as excellent as this book.

A brief book like this should not be forgotten and missed out. Highly recommended even for unbelieving friends. One copy is not enough. Go buy extra copies for your friends.

My verdict:

5 out of 5