Book Review: A Vision of the Deep by Susan Scott Sutton

PicsArt_1367745051934Checking this book out reminds me of two of my favorite authors, J. Oswald Sanders and Oswald Chambers. Sanders placed in my heart the vision for Christ and a deeper look in following God. While Chambers keeps on pressing me to not seek mountain top experience but a valley of trials and challenges where we will grow and get more blessings from God. And that is truly finding eternal treasure from above.

A Vision of the Deep provides page after page gentle affirmation that we need to get serious in Christ if we want to follow Him. The book is like a castle and as you face its gates you are already challenge on how you view Christ in terms of serving Him. Sutton writes that we need a heart with an anchor. Anchor it to the Lord and no matter what happens in your ministry or personal life you won’t be moved. Wow! What an inspiring thing to read from someone who led a life serving in Africa.

Part Two gives you a shovel to dig more deeply to the infinitely preciousness of God. Let me give you samples for your taste buds. Chapter 3 is on “Treasuring”, which is finding the genuine will of God for every Christians. Chapter 4 titled “Emptying” ask us in times that we don’t have anything are we willing to serve for God. In those phase our faith is measured on how we are grounded to God. In “Soaring” in hopelessness we still need to look only to God and deem Him beautiful.  Are you craving for more of this? Then go and buy the book!

This book brimful of biblical meditations and Sutton’s testimony will encourage every Christian in pursuit of his God. Relatively an unknown author, A Vision of the Deep will put Sutton on the map of Christian authors who will inspire this generation of Christians who search for a deeper meaning in coming to terms on how to abide in God.

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