Children’s Book Review: “The Magnificent Time Machine” (Sinclair B. Ferguson)

A time travelling plot is a staple in children’s books. Like what I reviewed last January, there is always room for this kind of story. Stories like these embrace the unknown that give such thrill to our little ones.

In the case of Christian children’s books, time travelling is not the end of itself. The story must lead to the gospel. Speaking the gospel in the story shouldn’t be just an afterthought. It must be the center. We must always show the essentiality of the gospel or else we might lessen its importance to our children. I’m happy that this new book by Bible teacher, Sinclair Ferguson brings the gospel to the center. How? By going back to the beginning.

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My Favorite Albums and EP’s Released in 2022 (So Far)

It’s the middle of the year (sort of) and it’s time for my favorite albums and EP’s of 2022. This is just a partial list and I will update it by the end of the year. I’ll be doing this every middle of the year because I just can’t wait to share what I’m enjoying and I hope you’ll like it too. I know that you love music and I think you’ll looking for some good recommendations. That where this post come in. Hope this will help you listen to right the kind of stuff.

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World” (Eliza Huie)

Have a blessed day to all!

Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World by Eliza Huie published by 10 Publishing. You can get your copy, both physical and digital by following this link.

The biggest enemy parents have in raising kids in a screen-saturated world is the same enemy who continues to seek to destroy the work of God in your and your children’s lives. Don’t focus so much on fighting technology. Rather, fight against the ways Satan sneaks in to deceive and destroy.

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Comicbook Review: “The Reign of God” (Issey Fujishima)

Summary: Set in the fall of Jerusalem 70 AD the story picks up Josephus Flavius, the Jewish historian as he pleads for the Romans to spare the temple. He then meet Shimon, who tells the story of John the Baptist.

Cover Artwork: The cover art is not that appealing to me. At first look it feels it’s not something about the gospel or any Bible story. It’s just the name “Fujishima” will catch your attention and think it’s a manga. Well I think it is and it’s a worthy read.

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Book Review: “Surviving The Trenches” (Joe Barnard)

Men shouldn’t be comfortable with sin. Because we are at war with the flesh. It’s guns and grenades at not just targeting you, but you family and ministry. Being at war means picking up you weapon to fight the enemy. The enemy is thirsty for blood. He is ready to thrust his weapons against you. Who will drew first blood? Of course, not the enemy but you. Surviving The Trenches will be a manual on how to do it.

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Comicbook Review: “The Gospel of Mark: Word for Word Bible Comic” (Simon Amadeus Pillario)

Summary: The Gospel of Mark is the shortest among the synoptic gospels and the earliest gospel account. It’s opens with John the Baptist preaching and baptizing in the wilderness and culminates with a short (the women flees the empty tomb) and a longer ending (Jesus ascended to heaven while his disciples fulfill the Great Commission) which Pillario accomodated both endings here.

Storytelling: For some the Gospel of Mark is the go to book if you want a short read of the gospel. Unlike the other books included in the synoptic gospels (Matthew and Luke) they covered lots of grounds in those accounts. Nevertheless we should honor it because, obviously it’s the Word of God and that’s how God design it to be. But being a short doesn’t apply here in this comic. This is not to say that the author or artist added words or sentences which the Bible forbids to us do. Pillario gave space for his artwork to add some details. I know, I know this is not the “Artwork” part of this review, but it’s hard not to point out this early on for how good Pillario utilized this to further move the readers with the necessary emotions that only his illustrations can deliver.

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(Interview) Tony Kummer on Sunday School

This blog was blessed by Sunday School Works, an online ministry providing free resources for churches, with two premium Sunday School curriculum this blog’s readers last April. So the good news is, I’ll be making it available for free again but now I’ll lift the limited time thing! So if you haven’t downloaded the curriculums, head over this link to get the freebies. Added to that is this interview with the founder of Sunday School Works/ Ministry to Children, Tony Kummer, as we talk about Sunday School and his ministries.

Hello Tony! Kindly tell us your testimony on how Christ saved you?

I was saved in High School when some school friends invited me to a youth group. After hearing the teaching, I started to read the Bible on my own and the Spirit really just opened my eyes that Jesus was real and his Gospel was for me too. I still remember the conviction in my heart reading through the book of Matthew for the fist time.

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Comicbook Review: “Justin Martyr” (Art Ayris and Richard Bonk)

Summary: In this one-shot comicbook, Ayris and Bonk teams up to give a legit brief biography of this early Christian apologist, his conversion to Christianity, his teachings, death and legacy.

Storytelling: This comic is straight forward biography of this ancient Christian philosopher. Ayris gives us all meat without the extra i.e. heart wrenching stuff because there isn’t much in the life of Justin Martyr. However, as I have said if you want the meat, you’ll find it here. If your into that stuff without falling asleep then get this comic.

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3 Things I Did This Morning After Election Day

I’m so excited to vote this 2022 election. My chosen candidate has a great reputation and qualification to fit the highest power in this country. I’ve seen the rallies and support. I’ve seen transformation brought by this political brand. This will change to course of history. Unfortunately, my mother in law was admitted in the hospital in Manila so I can’t vote. We spend the first week of May preparing her for her surgery. This is the first time I missed out the presidential election.

Nevertheless, I waited for the results. Then it came. The results are in. And it was disappointing. I was hurt. I can’t believe what just happened. My heart sank. I want to shut myself from social media. There are lots of things running in my mind. Its one of those days that I don’t want to go through. The following days will be rough for me. I know I can be all gloomy. I need to lift me up. I had to. This morning, I did three things:

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Comicbook Review: “Chronicles of Faith: David” #1 (Ivan Anaya and Brannon Hollingsworth)

Summary: King David continues to tell little Solomon his story. This comic touches King Saul’s fall from the favor of the God of Israel, Samuel anointing David as the new king and revealing the Philistines champion, Goliath.

Cover Artwork: This cover is a departure from the #0 cover which is a minimalist and it doesn’t give away the story you’ll be indulging. Although this is an all for ages comic, you can see in the cover a bit of seriousness of what the content will be. Also the take away of the cover is the fantastic illustration of Anaya that is different from the previous issue (more of that later).

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