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The Digital Round-Up #4


aslvob2Howdy partners! I bring you the new and improved “The Digital Round-Up”. This curated post will featured my personal picks. This is a random collection favorite article, freebies, quotable from my social media, videos and anything I find interesting. So I hope you enjoy this post and if you have something I want to feature on this post, please feel free to comment below.

Free stuff from CCEF – Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation offers pastors free resources in tackling the six basic struggles.

Fast Food – a promotional comic for Mercedes Benz (and also for the upcoming Justice League movie) featuring Batman and Flash.

Asia’s Least and Most Stressful Cities – Check out this list of least and most stressful cities according to a recent study (Hint: Manila is 4th)

Throwback post: 5 Vital Verses Catholics Should Read from the Catholic Bible

How to Stop the Spread of Fake News


The Quotable Round-Up # 61


paper_zpshrjhwlqwHey people its a new again and heres your favorite post. Hot and fresh quotes from the book”Preaching Killer Sermons” by Lane Sebring. If you enjoyed these quotes, please buy the book at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon. Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!

“Your listeners are desperate to be inspired. They need you to show them that it is possible, it matters, and if they take Jesus at his word and do what he says, it will make a difference because it is simply and absolutely the best way to live.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“If we can learn anything from companies such as Google, it is that simplicity rules the day. A wordy, crowded, alliterated outline makes it difficult to navigate what is most important for your listeners to remember.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Alliteration is not technically the problem. Overuse of alliteration and forced alliteration are the problems. Sometimes it can be very helpful. Other times it is a huge distraction. In my view, what makes the difference is whether memorizing it will help your audience when they walk away. If memorizing the outline is not something that would help them, then there is no need to alliterate.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“An effective illustration is the secret sauce that makes your listeners grab onto your ideas on an emotional level. A good illustration will reach out and grab your listeners and pull them into your content. It will help you establish an emotional connection and make them care.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Just say it. Just tell the story. Just give the example. Just give the illustration. There is no need to introduce it. Your listeners’ brains are working much faster than your mouth is moving. They will connect the dots if the illustration is effective and makes sense. It is much more interesting to move right into a story, example, metaphor, or analogy than to spend precious time setting it up.”- Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“If you have to force-fit an illustration to get it to connect to your point, don’t use it. It’s like telling a joke and then having to explain the punchline. The joke is no longer funny. It never was. If you have to map out how the illustration connects at every level, it has already lost its potency. The illustration is supposed to give your ideas clarity, so if instead it confuses and leaves your listeners scratching their heads trying to connect the dots, the illustration has defeated its purpose.”- Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Information without application is education. If your goal is simply to educate or inform your audience so they are more knowledgeable about the Bible, then stop preaching.”- Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep


Book Review: Get A Life…Online by Mighty Rasing


Fresh from #SuperEpic” Mighty Rasing delivers another book about a subject he really really knows. Social media is going leaps and bounds. Then it got out of control (sort of). And what better way to sort it all out by reading “Get A Life…Online”.
This book packs lots of meat to enhance you digital life. It has everything for the novice to the hardcore netizen. Mighty not only wrote a book that is readable because its Taglish but grasp the Pinoy context of being online. He knows the Pinoy culture, ethics and behavior that affect how we use social media. He tackled topics like useful apps, how share your talent online, how to use social media for a good cause. The serious issue of privacy and cyber bullying were discussed. All of these topics and much more for a 75 pesos book!
I enjoyed reading because knows well the online culture of Pinoys or making much of social media but also he shared his personal experiences of being a netizen. For someone who’s been there as one of the popular new media practitioner, stories of failures and success is inspiring to people who wants their voice be heard.
This great book helps us understand and engage the online (and also offline) life for every Filipino. If you love “#SuperEpic” then you’ll love this one too. Embrace the digital explosion Pinoy style with “Get A Life…Online”.

Taming the Tongue: Delighting Grace Interviews Matthew C. Mitchell


I love it when I get to interview authors of books that really matters for Christians. Not just helping to make some buzz out of it, but also view the author and the book in a different angle that will glorify God and edify believers. This time around, Ptr. Matthew answers some questions about himself and his book “Resisting Gossip”.

Delighting Grace: Pastor Matthew, thank you for this opportunity. You wrote a book that is kind of a “novelty” if compare to other works. Some will take on subjects like doctrine of grace or leadership. So why a book about gossip?

Matthew C. Mitchell: Thanks, Nitoy, for having me on your blog!
Yes, it’s true that there aren’t that many other books on the problem of gossip–and yet it’s something that we all deal with nearly every single day! So, it seemed to me that Christians needed a book like Resisting Gossip to answer the sticky questions that we all have and help us to get unstuck. I wanted to address questions like:
What is gossip?
How do you know when you’re gossiping?
What makes it wrong?
What do you do if you are the target of a malicious whispering campaign?
Why do we gossip?
How do we stop doing it?
The Bible has answers for those questions, but not enoughChristians know them. Hopefully, readers of Resisting Gossip will now be better equipped to recognize, resist, and respond to gossip in every day life.

Delighting Grace: You acknowledge people from CCEF in the book. So how was it like being under the wings of David Powlison, Ed Welch etc? Who among them really influence you in pastoral ministry?

Matthew C. Mitchell: Yes, I have been profoundly influenced by the ministry of CCEF, especially the faculty like David and Ed. It started with reading their books and blogs, but eventually I had the chance to study directly with them in the Doctor of Ministry program at Westminster Theological Seminary. I had always said that if I did a D.Min, I’d want it to be a “doctorate in wisdom.” I already had my dream job. I wasn’t doing a doctoral program to build my credentials or to make a career move–I just wanted to grow in wisdom. To me, the CCEF model of biblical counseling and sanctification is wisdom–truth applied to life.

I’m sure glad that I did! Taking classes at WTS was like drinking from the fire-hose. For two weeks back-to-back, we took classes in waves from Professors Powlison, Lane, Welch, Emlet, and Smith for 10 hours a day! We did that two years in a row and then researched and wrote our projects. My favorite part was getting up close to the faculty and being able to ask more in-depth questions. It’s a privilege to have gotten to know them better. I’m especially thankful for Winston Smith’s oversight of my doctoral project on gossip and Ed Welch’s encouragement throughout the process and writing the foreword for Resisting Gossip.

Delighting Grace: Wow thats amazing. You said in your book that your church is not a gossiping church. So will your approach or perspective with the book differ if your church has this nasty habit?

Matthew C. Mitchell: Good question. What I meant by that was that I didn’t have to write it from a difficult vantage point–it wasn’t written to solve our problems at Lanse Free Church, so I didn’t have to guard my words or worry that I was writing out of my frustrations or hurt. Hopefully that makes it even more helpful for a pastor whose church is embroiled in gossip. My hope is that the book is full of biblical teaching that can be directly applied whether or not a particular church is in conflict.
In fact, the book is not written primarily for pastors–but for ordinary Christ followers. The primary audience I had in mind was ordinary Christians who didn’t want to fall into the sin of gossip, but didn’t know how to resist. There is a also bonus chapter for church leaders on how to cultivate a gossip resistant church family.
I’m pleased to be hearing from pastors whose churches have been helped already by reading the book.

Delighting Grace: Some may say that gossip viewed in the work place or in church involves particularly women. What’s your comment on that?

Matthew C. Mitchell: Women definitely struggle with this temptation! That’s why Paul left instructions about gossipy ladies in the pastoral epistles (1 Tim 3:11, 5:13, Titus 2:3, etc).
But it’s not only women who are tempted by gossip either. It was the out-of-work brothers in Thessalonica who were idle and being busybodies (2 Thess 3:11). Gossip is a temptation for both genders.
I think that people who are more wordy are more prone. In our marriage, I’m the talker. I have twenty times more words than my wife does, and I’m twenty times (or more) more tempted to gossip than she is. “When words are many, sin is not absent, buthe who holds his tongue is wise” (Prov 10:19), and that’s true for both men and women.

Delighting Grace: A pastor once said to me, Christians sometimes are worse in gossiping than unbelievers. Any insight on that opinion?

Matthew C. Mitchell: I don’t know. I can’t point to any social science data toeither support or refute that claim. I can say that we Christians should certainly know better and do better.

Delighting Grace: Thank you Ptr. Matthew. It so great to have this interview with you. Now its time to invite our readers to get you book and log on to your blog.

Matthew C. Mitchell: Thanks! My blog is, and the book is available in lots of places including CLC Philippines.

Delighting Grace: Any parting words for the readers out there?

Matthew C. Mitchell: It was enjoyable interacting with you, Nitoy. Thanks for the opportunity to tell others about Resisting Gossip. As we grow in Him, may the Lord grab hold of our hearts and keep a reign on our tongues!

Delighting Grace: Pastor Matthew’s book “Resisting Gossip” is a great read. Its available online at http://www.clcphilippines or go to your nearest CLC Bookshop, PCBS, OMF Lit shops and National Bookstore. If you read the book, say Hi to him by dropping an e-mail or checking his blog. I Would like to leave you guys a familiar passage in the Bible that has something to do with gossip:

“And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell. “(James 3: 6 KJV)

Book Review: One Church, Four Generations by Gary L. McIntosh


On this expanded and revised book, McIntosh brings to light on how the church reaches different groups within the church. Well if Im not mistaken the apostle Paul have discuss this in terms of their position or role in the church. He pointed them on how to deal the young generation and how to built them up as the body of Christ. This book however discuss a bit similar approach by looking to different generations that eventually shapes the church. The generations are categorized in four namely, Builders, Boomers, Busters and Bridgers. Gary McIntosh throughly examines these groups by their qualities, what they value, their interest influenced by national events and fads. In short, whatever influence they had will eventually influence the church as a whole. And the church needs to cater to the needs of these groups. Not only that but also how will the church may make use of their gifts for the glory of God. By the end of this book, what was thought as a gulf of differences between these group can actually be blend in together to create a harmonious relationship to build up a church. Church leaders this is a book you should consider.

One might think that this book may not be applicable on Filipino readers because of it reeks the America culture. With a careful study one will find a counterpart for the Pinoy. Say the Busters, MTV Generation or Generation X (my generation) which can be compared to Martial Law Babies. As I read the part, I could say that McIntosh did his job. He knows what my generations expect the church to do and how we might get involve to the mission of the church to the world.

A good reference tool for the church not just to understand the people within the church but those unchurched individuals. I dont agree to some of the strategies to win these people to Christ but I do get an idea on what to do on how to share the gospel to them. This book is non-technical and non theological in approach which means its easy for you to digest. Churches who are clueless on how to engage these generation might try to take a peak on this unique book.

5 Essential Things to Do After Finishing Reading a Book


Before putting your recently finished book down and telling it on Facebook, here are some tips to do after devouring a book. Bona petit!

  1. Catch the lesson it is driving- not just knowing the theme of the book but what additional wisdom can it give us and put us in action.
  2. Think of someone who will benefit in reading it- if it really made a great impression to you why not share it to someone and make an impact to that person’s life.
  3. Put it in your giveaway list- keep it on the list so when a friend’s birthday, Christmas or any occasion will come, it will be a great gift.
  4. Promote it- write a book review; post in on Facebook or Twitter make some noise about this newly read book.
  5. Re-read it- if you won’t get the lessons of the book or some parts still doesn’t sink in, re-reading it will make a difference.

Does anyone have #6? Please post it on the comment.

5 Cool Reasons Why You Need a Planner


[I tried Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker because Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is too weird to plagerize…]

I started this year by getting a planner from Starbucks which is very useful throughout the year in my personal and ministry activities. I recommend that you too get a planner for the coming year and see these five benefits of having one:

  1. To plan – of course that’s why it’s called a planner. Jot down important things to do in advance, events you will attend and dates that are relevant to you.
  2. To take down notes – when listening to a message, lectures or sermon, it’s a good thing to have a permanent place to tuck all of it. Away with index cards or tissues, use your planner to accommodate them.
  3. To write down your messages – if you’re a preacher it will be best to not clutter the pulpit with papers but one professional planner with the outline of your sermon will do.
  4. To pin or stick some important things – Make your planner into an instant scrapbook! Post its, tickets, receipts, mementos or in my case an origami heart from a friend to cherish those moments and make it stick in your minds.
  5. To get inspirations – isn’t great to have some planners with great photography, excellent artworks, Bible verses and inspirational quotes. Something to inspire you to engage in writing and give a positive vibe to make it throughout the day.

What’s your favorite reason in this list? Please tell me….