Book Review: Calling Christian Leaders by John Stott

There is one thing that I want to say when reading a thin book by John Stott: don’t be deceived! Yes, don’t be deceived!  Don’t be fooled by the thinness of the book your reading. Just because you’re reading a short book it doesn’t mean it lacks content or it cries for a follow up. I have this secret principle that works like a charm:  “The shorter or thinner the Christian book is, the more powerful and high impacting it is.” But of course, it sometimes depends on the author.  Like in many other books he crafted, gifted Bible teacher and author John Stott proves that he is one of the greatest Christian writers of our time in “Calling Christian Leaders.” He calls every Christian to take leadership by calling them to see it straight from the Bible and the Bible alone.

The basic premises of the book is Christian leadership that doesn’t get the shots from culture.  But as you read this book, page after page solid biblical lessons drawn from 1 Corinthians. And when I say solid it means steel solid. When I say it’s biblical it is iron clad biblical. This short book is not a fast read nor is rough to go on to. It is meant to be digested slowly. You might forget this is for neither leadership nor a stab on culture because of its tremendous amount of expository that will leave you breathless. Stott doesn’t jump into bashing secular influence that permeates the church nor throws what leadership is by his own experience like most author does.  Well he injects it along the way without getting off what he is trying to convey God’s wondrous in this collection of talks. After discussing it with you, John Stott will take you a mountain top view and shows you that Christian leadership is not about the leaders itself but how leaders relate with the church, gospel and ministry. Also he will let you see that those components of leadership is not a just a human institution which he states need to go away. Then you’ll decide. Well you know who you will pick.

You will be humbled and floored by God’s enduring Word unraveled by John Stott for the Christian. You’ll finish the book with a great respect to the biblical model of leadership. A holy fear on what God’s view on the church, gospel and ministry will grab hold you to think and examine your convictions. Undiluted, pure, raw and no holds barred look at the Scriptures on leadership that will swept you away with this masterful work from Stott. You shouldn’t miss this one. OMF has done it again. Highly recommended.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Calling Christian Leaders by John Stott

  1. I have read several of his booklets and it is good. “Calling Christian Leaders” may also be a good one. But I’m also careful about him and his writings because he’s ecumenical, and seeks to unite almost every branch of so-called “Christianity” for a common cause. Ecumenism causes a Christian to forget what he stands for and go for unity despite the call of the Scriptures to be separate.

  2. May be you need to discover what ecumenism truly means. If I lose my identity as a Christian that is not ecumenism. It is desperate attempt to create unity for unity’s sake. However if I speak and dialogue with people who have experienced Christ in their lives although in a different way than mine and appreciate the work of God in them, then that is beautiful. Any process that deny’s Jesus Christ is not ecumenism. Call to separation is good but from things that will take you away from God’s presence, pride is a major one of them and one in which we can all easily fall. I write this in love my friends. God Bless you.

  3. Fritz on April 13, 2013
    I want to believe Christ was reconciling the entire CREATION to it’s MAKER; the “good nuts” as well as the “bad nuts”. And this reconciliation process is a continuous and a perpetually changing one till Christ returns; the bad nuts becoming the good and the good becoming the bad; the first becoming the last and the last becoming the first. Where will I belong when He finally returns ? Bad nuts that are left to rot fall out themselves, no need for filters . Patience! so we do not throw away the good with the bad.

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