The Quotable Round-Up #99

jza5tccHeads up guys! Time for some 7 awesome quotes from a Christian book. This time we shall enjoy quotes from “Advance!” by Tim Challies. If you were blessed by this booklet, please consider getting it on Amazon or at your nearest bookstore! Grace and Peace!

“The Jesus of the three years of public ministry was formed during the 30 years of private obscurity. The 10 percent of his life that was carefully recorded cannot be separated from the 90 percent of his life that was not.”

“The number one priority for young Christians is to advance in character. Life is not over at 30 but just beginning. The teens and 20s are not the time to live a whole life but to prepare for a whole life. In these years, young Christians need to prepare themselves for the rest of life by laying a foundation of godly character that will sustain them for the many years to come.”

“Today, we hear of the importance of following our hearts, of being true to ourselves, of living according to our own standards. The Bible calls us to the exact opposite, to follow God’s heart, to be true to him, and to live according to his standards. Self-approval is meaningless and deadly if it comes at the expense of God’s approval.”

“As a young Christian, you will have many opportunities to serve God by serving his people. Take them! Enjoy them! Make the most of them! Begin even now to use your gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm for the good of others and the glory of God.”

“The best use of these years is not to stack up accomplishments for God but to joyfully pursue God through godly character. Yet as I call for young Christians to focus more on character than accomplishment, I certainly do not wish to advocate apathy. This is not a call for low expectations, but for expectations that are rightly focused and properly prioritized.”

“You can prepare by learning Scripture and theology, listening carefully to every sermon every Sunday, being consistent in your personal devotions, and reading good books. God can use every bit of wisdom you have. The fact is, God cannot work with what you do not have, and these years are ideal for preparing yourself to be used by him. Make this a time of preparation.”

“Your teens and 20s will be put to the best and highest use if you make them a time of sanctification. Even when you are a teen or young adult, you can make bold steps in identifying and overcoming sin and equally bold steps in embracing righteousness.”



Beyond Connecting to This Generation

7svkxtyAs I was sitting during the forum on the controversial Pinoy Version translation of the New Testament, my mind started to wander. I began to imagine that the new translation of the Bible is like a pastor who wants to reachout millenials. So the pastor thought of two thinks he can do to do this.

The first one, the pastor decided to do some shopping for clothes millenials wear and then visited his barber. He asked his barber to cut his hair like those of teens. After this, he came to church to meet the youth group that will come with him in the outreach. The youth group was surprise to see their pastor sporting a millenial look. And to top it all, their pastor started using millenial words as he speaks to them which they find cringe worthy. Well it would be nice to see their pastor cool and connect to teenagers but in that very moment,its seems very awkward. They wish their pastor will go back to his usual look. Anyway, they went off  to check the teens in their community. Not long they meet some youth at the community park. The pastor talk to these teens and invited them to church on Sunday. They felt a bit weird on how the pastor looks and talks but they agreed to come to the Sunday. Well Sunday came and some of the invited youth came and some profess their faith in Christ. Mission accomplished!

The second one, the pastor decided to go to their outreach program with the usual clothes he wear. Casual but not like he’s going to a mall to hang out. He brought his Bible and head on to the church where the youth group is waiting for him. As he approaches the church, some of the youth had a certain excitement in their heart. Having their pastor do outreach with them is such an honor. Their confidence level was boosted. After praying they go out to the community. Not long they came to a basketball court were some teens are taking a rest after the game. Seeing that a pastor coming to them, the teens stood up and shook the pastors hand. The pastor talk to the teens. After that the youth group gave some invitation card for the youth program on Sunday. Sunday came and some of the invited teens showed up. And when the gospel was preach some profess their faith in Christ. Mission accomplished!

We can’t ignore that fact that the Pinoy Version can connect to the present generation and in God’s mercy get people saved by reading the gospel in that translation. There are lots of good reasons that proponents of this translation that are valid. However, for me I’m more concern on the reverence, respect, dignity and encouragement that seems to me the Pinoy Version can’t live up with. The unbelievers knows what the Bible is and its use at church. They know its holy and it demands reverence. A Bible in the vernacular language wont deliver that.  However I’m not closing the door for this version. I think there are rooms for improvement and I hope they do it soon. But for now its a NO for me. I’m not stopping anyone to read it. I might even buy one. But to recommend it to be use in churches and even in outreaches, I strong discourage it.

I know that the Philippine Bible Society are doing their part in promoting Bible reading. I think its better that they stick with it for now and further strengthen it, rather than produce a new translation. Get some social media mileage and think of better Bible reading programs. I’m praying that they will.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t consume ourselves with this new translation. I think we had enough of it over Facebook. We have heard both sides and we already spoken out our opinions.  But in the midst of it, we forgot something else. We should ask ourselves if we are evangelizing to our neighbors. Its easy to complain for things we cant control but how about the things we can change with ourselves and our churches? How’s our sharing of the gospel?

I think its much better to consume our time to reach out the lost than to criticize the Pinoy Version. Lets have a mindset that we can outlast any controversy whether it be a new translation or a cultic group with our zeal and love to evangelize our community.  Of course, errors should be exposed but let us expose the love of God more. That’s our main missions as God’s chosen people.

Pinoy Talk: New Testament Pinoy Version


Philippine Bible Society (PBS) held its first forum or Pinoy Talk concerning the controversial New Testament Pinoy Version last Monday, September 24. The forum lays the principles of the new translation that is now getting alot of social media attention because of its colloquial rendering of God’s Word. Dra. Anicia Del Corro, translation consultant of PBS, gave the talk and was moderated by Ptr. Noli P. Mendoza of Asian Theological Seminary (ATS).

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After discussing the principles, Dra. Del Corro then provides a parallel comparison of the Pinoy Version over different modern rendering of the Bible. She highlighted the verses of the Pinoy Version that got lots of criticism over Facebook.   Specific verses like Galatians 1: 1-3 (wala kayong mga utak) and Matthew 27: 29 (napagtripan) for examples, were cited which she points out, despite of its Taglish translation it remains true to the Greek.

Ptr. Noli P. Mendoza of ATS moderating the forum

Before the forum ends, Dra. Del Corro entertained some questions coming from the participants and also from Facebook. Almost all the concerns that I have heard from FB are already discussed in the presentation, so aside from the questions we are encourage to share our opinions to the Pinoy Version. Although we are few in attendants, we manage to have a lively discussion on the topic at hand. I was able to raised a question on the reception of other Tagalog translations (Ang Biblia and Ang Salita ng Diyos) if those Bible versions met this kind of controversy like the Pinoy Version.

Fellow blogger and The Reformed Bunch FB group memberRoger.

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For those people who missed the forum there will be another round of forum over ATS on October 1. according to Ptr. Noli. However for those who can’t be there, the Philippine Bible Society will post the concerns and other resources over their website pertaining to the Pinoy Version of the Bible. Further information, suggestions and inquiries can be send to Ms. Perry’s e-mail ( or access PBS website (

Me and Dra. Anicia Del Corro


The Freebie Round-Up #12

bpwe5qaHowdy! Time for some freebies that will complete your week. Delighting Grace insures your maximum satisfaction by bring free stuff that you can use to help your personal growth and the ministry that you are apart of. Praying that these resources will point you to Christ goodness and to prepare you to serve others.

FREE “How to Study The Bible Boot Camp” from Credo Courses – This perfectly crafted for small groups and Sunday school lessons contains 4 lessons with 45 minutes each. Enjoy the free digital video download.

FREE “The Wiersbe Bible Study from David C. Cook – Titled Daniel: Determined to Go God’s Direction, challenge us to have a laser sharp focus on God and not to compromise to what the world demands.

*In case you missed these : 5 Christian Podcast You Should Be Listening Right Now, 7 Awesome Ways to Learn Church History Online for Free, 7 Short But Excellent Christian Books I Have Read, 5 Important Things to Do Before Starting to Read A Book, 3 Essential Reasons to Re-Read Your Favorite Book. 

FREE 6 e-books from Tony Carter’s East Point Church – If you love Anthony Carter’s book Blood Work, you’ll definitely want to check other stuff provided free by East Point Church.

FREE e-pamphlets from Crete Protestant Reformed Church14 pamphlets to be exact, covering various topics from a Reformed perspective.

FREE 10 Myths About God video lessons by e-mail from Credo Courses – Another freebie from Credo Courses, these lessons that list the 10 myths about God, are delivered everyday by e-mail.

*In case you missed these: Collecting the Past: Delighting Grace Interviews Caleb of Log College Press,  Accessible Apologetics: Delighting Grace Interviews Jason L. Petersen, Squad Goals: Delighting Grace Interviews Theron St. John, Tested by Time: Delighting Grace Interviews Dr. Isabelo Magalit.

FREE Resources Library Access from Reformed Mama – Access tons of resources on catechisms and teaching materials for kids just by signing up to Reformed Mama’s mailing list.

And finally one non-Reformed freebie:

FREE “The Last Words of the Martyrs” by Jeff King – An excerpt to an upcoming book this free e-booklet presents gripping stories of  Christian martyrs as they pay the ultimate price following Christ .




The Quotable Round-Up #97

mov8lgvHeads up guys! time for some 7 awesome quotes from a Christian book. This time we shall enjoy quotes from “10 Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health” by Don Whitney. If you were blessed by this book, please consider getting it on Amazon or at your nearest bookstore! Grace and Peace!

“Do you thirst for God? Thirst is a God-planned part of the growth of a soul toward its heavenly home.”

“The reason a person thirsts for God is because the Holy Spirit is at work within him. If you are a Christian, two people live in your body-you and the Holy Spirit. As the apostle Paul explained, “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?” (1 Corinthians 6:19). And the Holy Spirit is not passive within you.”

“Wherever we go, whatever decisions are before us, the way of life should be illuminated by God’s Word. To live otherwise is to walk in darkness.”

“Read the Bible daily and do not close it until you know at least one thing God would have you do in response to your reading. This response might involve something new to believe, a habit to begin or break, a prayer to offer, a conversation to initiate, a letter or E-mail to send, a phone call to make, a spiritual discipline to practice, or something else. Read the Bible for application, not merely for information.”

“Love is the badge and character of Christianity.”

“Jesus came primarily to save sinners forever, not merely to heal their short-lived bodies. His greatest display of love for us was in His death, for through it we experience the love of God unto eternal life. And the most loving thing we can ever do for anyone is give them the words that can lead to immortality in a radiantly glorious body.”

“Delight in imitating God. This is not a mystical platitude or a new ager’s aspiration. The Bible speaks plainly about imitating God by showing love: “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us” (Ephesians 5:1-2).”

The Freebie Round-Up #11

0g1sjmtHeads up guys! As we add another round up post that caters to Youtube videos, I’m excited to announce that The Digital Round-Up (Freebie Edition) is now The Freebie Round-Up. Instead of starting back to #1, I decided to continue it from its former title. Sort of a mini-milestone celebration that we give it a stand alone title but still the freebies you’ll enjoy. So enjoy this post and of the contents here in Delighting Grace.

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The Digital Round- Up (Freebie Edition #9)

myptv2kChristian freegans heads up! Here we are again for another freebie edition of “The Digital Round-Up”. So gather up and delete some space on your gadgets and make way for these free stuff that will help you walk with God.

FREE “Group Magazine Special: Discipleship Edition” – A non-Reformed resource for getting ideas in discipleship for the youth ministry.

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The Digital Round-Up (Video Edition # 1)

l3i1bn6Hello guys! So this is a brand new regular post that you will see on Delighting Grace. It’s another extension of the “The Digital Round-Up” now we will cover videos that I have watched and I want to share it with you guys. I feel a bit of a VJ of a music channel in this. Hope you the curated videos and be bless by these.


From someone in the TCB Family FB group, I dont know the preacher but he is spot on.


Enjoyed Shai Linne music and now in this video he gives an exhortation about the role of creativity in the church.


Can’t wait for Tim Challies to come here in November for a conference!


Bro. Joseph Mangahas wraps up his message series titled “The Church and Her Workers”


Jeff Durbin take on some embarrassing End of the World charlatans.




The Digital Round-Up # 24

myptv2kHey folks! Prepare for another round of the “The Digital Round-Up” as we serve you interesting articles, freebies and videos. And if you’re enjoying this stuff, please do tell us on the comment section. So buckle up and enjoy the thrill.

FREE “The Treasury of God’s Wisdom” – A collection of essays from the Westminster Seminary Califonia faculty that focuses on the theme of biblical wisdom in a devotional style.

YouVersion Bible Lens App – Alan Noble takes on the new app from YouVersion and why we should be cautious on using this app.

What is Post-Modernism? – From my Facebook friends comes a new blog titled “Better Promises”. I hope you guys check it often. As a sampler of what they can offer, check this article they posted.

How Does Praying For Others Helps You? – This article from For The Church blog emphasize ways how praying for others can be beneficial for  believers.

Puritans started federalism – Its a hot topic here in the Philippines as the nation ponders on federal form of government. People want change and they want to start by changing the government. This article is so meaty on the history of federalism founded by the Puritans.

Tsundoku: The practice of buying more books than you can read – Interesting article describing this habit among hardcore bookworms.

Teddy Roosevelt Criticizing Cynicism – Excellent article on why cynicism according to Theodore Roosevelt doesnt really help and disrupts progress.


The Digital Round- Up (Freebie Edition #8)

myptv2kBooyah! Freebie fanatics unite! Here we are again for another freebie edition of “The Digital Round-Up”. So gather up and delete some space on your gadgets and make way for these free stuff that will help you walk with God.

FREE audiobook “Religious Affections” by Jonathan Edwards – After that John Piper audiobook last month, Christian Audio is at it again with this biggie freebie to edify you.

FREE e-book “How To Study The Bible” from Logos – 12 expert Bible teachers (4 are Calvinist) gives you a quick and easy guide in studying the Bible.

FREE album download “All New Things” by Rivers and Robots – An indie band that are truly awesome. You can check them also on Spotify.

FREE “Advance Bible Degree” – This article list down some websites that offer Bible courses free of charge.

FREE “Whole Life Worship” study guide and films – A 5 session study that connects believers worship to everyday life.

FREE “An Hour with George Muller – Make you Kindle app happy with this e-book interview of George Muller an hour before he passed away.

FREE “The Doctrine of the Atonement” by James Haldane – This e-book addresses Dr. Wardlaw stand on Universal atonement and reinforce the doctrine of particular redemption.