Pinoy Christian Youtuber List #1


Welcome to the first installment of this series. If you like video content other than sermons, seminars or conferences, this list is for you. This may not be a list of messages, nevertheless these vloggers are out to give you godly and worthy content. But if your looking for sermons or preachers check the blog’s Pinoy Preacher List series. To add some kick to this list, I’ll include a video as a sampler to what to expect to these Youtubers.  Now off to list. Enjoy!

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Book Review: “Parenting Essentials” by Andreas & Margaret Köstenberger


If you think the name Andreas Kostenberger,  is a bit daunting with this book, because of the books he previously wrote ( Going Deep in New Testament Greek, The Heresy of Orthodoxy, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation), well that’s what I felt when I got this book. To be honest, I haven’t read anything from this author.  However, I want to challenge myself. Knowing Kostenberger’s caliber, I should brace myself on reading this book that at first I thought it was written in an scholarly ivory tower. It turns out, as I take start reading, it is as if the book was written in a living room or perhaps at the porch. What I mean to say is that this short book is down to earth and very accessible. Nothing so daunting in this book.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Unbreakable” by Andrew Wilson


Fresh from my monthly staycation this is my first post. Really glad to have a 3 day break and had a digital planning and a bit of writing on the side.

Anyways, enjoy these quotes from the book, Unbreakable by Andrew Wilson published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Writing a history of Jesus without any miracles would be like writing a history of Churchill without any wars.”

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Book Review: “Bumps, Babies and the Gospel” by Sarah Dargue


I’m glad to know of a book that doesn’t just dive to the nitty-gritty of parenting but promise to prepare your heart on this chapter of a married couple. It might let you peek on some scary stuff of parenthood but gives you assurance and comfort that your not alone. The Scriptures may not have in mind the topic of preparing for parenting, but it has loads of principles soon to be parents can look up to. Bumps, Babies and the Gospel from 10 Publishing got you covered.

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The Freebie Round-Up #82


I’ll be sharing some good news to you guys probably in a couple of weeks from now. I hope you’ll lift me up in prayers. I’ll lying if I say I dream for this opportunity to happened for years now but I know God’s time for me in this matter.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies for the week. If you’re new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

FREE e-book “Confronting Christianity” by Rebecca Mclaughlin – This is your last chance to get this free ebook because it will expire by the end of this month. Faithlife brings this book that tackles the 12 questions that keeps folks from not considering Christianity.

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Resilience Is Not Enough


We Filipinos has this enduring relationship with resilience. In every crisis that came to this country, be it a typhoon or earthquake, we are known to manage to rise above these challenges. We can, in any circumstances, put up a smile and show the world that despite these challenges we have hope. Resilience sparks this hope in every Filipino heart. Over and over again as crisis comes and go, Pinoys are resilient.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Parenting Essentials” by Andreas & Margaret Köstenberger


This post is  my last parenting book to read and oh my, I really learn great stuff from those two books. Haven’t read something like these for awhile and really glad I did.

Anyways, enjoy these quotes from the book, Parenting Essentials  by Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger published by Christian Focus Publication. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“As a Christian, keep in mind that your children are bearing the image of God and reflect His glory to the extent that they honor Him with their lives. Your mission as parents, to a significant extent, is therefore to help your children realize that at the very heart of their life’s purpose is to glorify God as the unique individuals He has created them to be.” 

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Before You Open Your Bible” by Matt Smethurst


I’ll be sharing quotes from a book that made a ninja move over my reading list. It’s short but a great read and it didn’t get in the way between reading two parenting books.

Here’s some quotes from a 2019 book , Before You Open Your Bible  by Matt Smethurst published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Have you ever wondered why the Bible is so long? One reason is because God is so patient. It’s the long story of his longsuffering. And why has he been so patient? Because he loves us, yes. But even more specifically, because he’s been carefully executing a plan—a plan to share his endless joy with his rescued people, a multitude no one can count (Rev. 7:9.)”

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Pinoy Preacher List #9


After 10 months, Pinoy Preacher List is back! Many things happened specifically as we go through this pandemic. Pastors who once didn’t want to post videos, stream their Sunday services through Zoom and FB Live are now availing these techie innovations to reach out their congregations. And I hope this series can feature all of your online messages for other folks to watch.

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Book Review “Unstuck” by Tim Lane


Believers are given a new life in Christ. This kind of life was purchased by Christ at the cross. We are now his. He is now ours. However, Christians are not exempted from sinning. The old self is still there with habits, relationships, etc. Nevertheless God gave us the Bible to guide us and He Himself is working in us. Tim Lane, author and counselor gather these biblical truths to help Christians find lasting change in Unstuck. The book consist of nine steps that will lead believers out of those sticky situations and find freedom in Christ.

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