Book Review: Be All You Can Be by John C. Maxwell

I’ve received a very late Christmas gift. It really surprised me. My friend knows I love books but I was a deer in the headlight. I never saw it coming. Opening the wrap, I unearthed a John Maxwell book. With sheer horror I said to myself” A Maxwell book. Well what will I expect? A Christian author that doesn’t quote Bible verse in some of his books. How many words like “God” or “Bible” can I find in this book? I won’t even write a review on this book. Lots of business strategy and leadership moves drench with secular stuff!” Just when I was ready to put it away, I start thumbing through the pages and saw stuff which captures me. I said to myself again “I’m gonna give this book a chance.”

Returning home I start reading portion of the book before I sleep. To my amazement I have to say this book is (which I don’t pertain to managerial or leadership book) “biblical”. Yes folks. I hate to admit, John Maxwell made me read his book again. This is not trying hard to be a Christian book. It’s a legit Christian book.

Then the next day I read half of the book. Maxwell wrote a very readable and irresistible book to encourage us Christian to take another mile for what has God made us to be. John Maxwell took off his business attire, lead us out of the boardroom and turn off his mike on the podium without leaving great principles he found in the Bible and his experience to give us a superbly useful tool. You won’t get bored reading such topics like success, vision, failures and decisions all occupying the Christian life.  You’ll get motivated, encouraged and stretched as you dive words this book offers. You won’t miss out the wisdom packed this small book because Maxwell’s great illustrations he draws in the Scriptures and everyday life. Page after page of this book he delivers God intention to see his redeemed ones realize that they already have the power and potential to do what God calls them to do heeding to His calling. An unintimidating book on leadership for Christians to read and share, you’ll truly have a wonderful time discovering and rediscovering God’s plan for us.

Notable Quotes:

“The only one who can stop you from becoming the person God intends you to be is you.”

“Our potential for fruitful living is great because Jesus is our source.”

“The secret of the surrendered life is giving God the first part of every day, the first day of every week, the first portion of your income, the first consideration in every decision, and the first place in all of your life.”

Prepare to be rubber bands for Christ and stretch our potential by reading this challenging book from a leadership guru, best-selling author AND most importantly a Christian, John C. Maxwell.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: Be All You Can Be by John C. Maxwell

  1. Good Day to you Bro.I’m Ptr.Carl Suarez one the Account Executives of CGM were glad that you appreciate our books, in behalf of the rest of the Literature team of Cgm we expressed our heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful remarks, T.Y and God Bless!!!

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