5 Essential Things in Writing a Book Review

Its one thing to read a book, it another if you want to write a book review. Some do it for school projects, to earn money or for fun. Book review is a sort of endorsement as well as appreciation of the book that you just have read.  But how do you start writing a review? Check the list and find out:


  1. Read the book. Of course you should! Nothing beats reading it from cover to cover. I’ve heard some read the Introduction, Chapter 1 then titles of every chapter and the conclusion. You can do that. But actually reading it is simply the best. Know the message, it audience and the benefit you’ll get reading it.
  2. Get to know the author. Get the background of the author. Read or listen to his talks or sermons. Know his forte (Evangelism, Christian Living, apologetics etc.) Read articles featuring the writer of the book. An extra mile of knowledge will easily help you write the review.
  3. Know similar author. Yes! This is sometimes applied to Musicians so they can better identify their music, style, genre or message. It can be also helpful to writers.
  4. Ask someone who loves the authors’ works. Fans of the writer can enthusiastically give you comments and insight to that author.
  5. Read other reviews of the book. Not for the sake to copy but to understand the book more from other peoples opinion. Read the praises and criticisms of the book and its author. Have a balance view of the book.

Would you like to try to write a book review?

2 thoughts on “5 Essential Things in Writing a Book Review

  1. Yes Nitoy ,its a good exercise to read and enjoy what you read, for otherwise its an exercise of something you have to do ,no pleasure in that.


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