Book Review: Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft

Leaders Who LastOk I’ll admit it I bought this book because of Re:Lit Books and I’m happy that Christian Growth Ministries Inc. (CGM) published it here in the Philippines. Nothing more.  Books on leadership abound these days that I think you don’t need another one. But if you think you had enough of it, we should consider this book by Dave Kraft.

Leaders Who Last is a collection of Christian principles cemented with both biblical wisdom and 38 years of experience of Dave Kraft in Navigators.  What I like about the writer is that he has experience in the ministry not in corporate settings. So you won’t have some thoughts nagging he will mix it with some Christian principles then bam! A generic serving of today’s Christian leadership book. Well it’s not that. Another thing because he is sharing his experience the book is not all theory, but incorporates practicality which I love. And it’s not an invitation to pragmatism. It’s the heart of Dave Kraft that you can read and hold.

The book is not the usual jam pack book of wisdom but enough to guide (or should I say coach) pastors, youth leaders, ministry leaders and Sunday School teachers to the long haul of his or her calling. The chapters are short but have nuggets of gold for the Christian to cherish. This book calls not just for how to do, think or feel in ministry but also how to take care for your eadership. Outstanding chapters about character, passion and growth are a pleasure to indulge.

Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft is a great book for a new Christian who’s just beginning in the ministry and a worthy ‘reviewer’ for the veterans. Not complicated but complete and concise for the Christian to spend time to. If you’re saturated already with leadership book then I suggest reading this book twice to let the content sink in to your heart and soul.  Leaders Who Last still can offer you things not available on other books on leadership.

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