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5 Awesome Christian Curated Content Post 


Whether its daily or weekly, we love blog post that rounds up the best content every Christian would love. Videos, freebies, articles, promos, webinars etc. they have it on one post. To make sure you wont miss a thing, I recommend that you sign up on their e-mail newsletter (if its available). Now lets roll 5 Christian blog with the best curated content post:

1.) Ala Carte by Tim Challies – its no suprise it on the list. This one of the popular round ups post from a popular Christian blogger. Its a eclectic mix of links Aside from the daily post, it has this weekend special that you’ll sure love.

2.) Links I Like by Aaron Armstrong- one of my favorite bloggers, Aaron (like Tim Challies) faithfully post curated content on a regular basis? The choice links are the best!

3.) Breakfast Blend by Nicolas McDonald – this feature belonging to the blog, Scribble Preach helps readers cultivate writing, reading, and creativity aside from the regular things you can find on a curated content post. I get to post some of it on my Facebook. Enjoy it being served on you inbox.

4.) Links to Make You Think and Grow by Kevin Halloran- another blog which I enjoy through e-mail is Living up with the title, Kevin Halloran dishes out links that surely make you ponder.

5.) Social Media Highlights by Ligonier Blog- as the title suggest, this is a weekly round up of updates on the Ligionier Ministry posted on Facebook and Twitter. Still it delivers the punch of interesting and useful content.

What other blogs do you know that has curated content post? Please mention it on the comment section.

Marianito “Nitoy” Gonzales is a 30 something blogger who wears many hats. But his passion is to preach the gospel and make God know to all men. He blogs at Delighting Grace ( You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

4 Websites That Offers Awesome Christian Facebook Covers


Want to make a Christian statement at Facebook. Well preach the gospel first, then put some Facebook covers that stand for Christ!

Depraved Wretch – DW gain much mileage in Facebook because of superb graphics and of course, Facebook covers. DW boast on Calvinist quotes and Bible verses that sends not just inspiring messages but reinforce the Christian faith.

My Bible – aside from their Bible app, My Bible also offers great facebook covers. Their are tons of eye candy covers to choose from.

FB Cover Lover – a secular facebook cover site but dishes out excellent Christian quotes and Bible verses.

99 Covers – like FB Cover Lover, its not a Christian owned but nevertheless, the Bible verses covers are amazing!

Any more websites you can share. Please post it on the comment section.

Book Review: Running on Empty by Jill Briscoe


A book that lets you go dive in to the lives of Biblical personalities and how God dealed with them in their predicaments. You might find the usual characters like Elijah, David, Moses and Jonah but added some interesting figures like Leah, Naomi and Habakkuk. “Running on Empty” tackles aspects of the Christian life were we think we feel we are giving up. Have you been rejected, burned out, busy, or suffering? This book shows how God lovingly touches us in situations that we cant seem to get up. Jill Briscoe did a lot of justice on bring these character to light for Christians to see themselves to them. Added to the already great book are lovely poems by Jill Briscoe that are in line with the theme. The poems are like foam on your coffee which make its special.

As I thumb through the pages, the book and the theme reminds me of Chuck Swindoll’s study guides or Woodrow Kroll’s messages. Well the Briscoes do have this similarities to Swindoll or Kroll their writing ministry which equates an easy to understand and practical book. So expect that this book will be like that.

So guys if you’re running out of gas, heres a book that will fuel you up with God’s important lessons to go on. Running on Empty provides that extra mile for people who are at the end of their ropes. A recommended read for those who are willing to lets go of their strength and let God in the driver seat. Get this book at the nearest CLC Bookshop, PCBS or National Bookstore. You can buy in online at Happy reading guys!

Marianito “Nitoy” Gonzales is a 34 years old introvert who’s passion is to proclaim the bad news about God. He’s a goverment employee but his church and digital life is more colorful because of Christ. You can reach him at his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

5 Signs Blogging is For You


So you got interested in blogging and wanna try it out but afraid that is not your turf. Well check out the following signs that will enlighten you and answer the question: Is blogging for me?

1.) You got something to show the world – whether its writing book review or your beach photography, as long as you are willing to show it to the world, blogging may fit like hand in glove to you.

2.) For you passion and enthusiasm matters the most – if your in it to make money then sad to say blogging is not for you. Passion and enthusiasm is the driving force of blogging. Profit comes the last.

3.) You can give your time for your blog – committment is one character a blogger must possess. He or she must post atleast once or twice a week. Also be ready for interactions of your readers whether it be on your blog or social media. Learn to tune your blog apperance and know widgets that will add flair on your blog.

4.) You are willing to learn more about blogging – reading books or blogs about writing, blogging, SEO, etc. will not just help you blog better but easier.

5.) You want to enjoy something different – Blogging is a hobby which you can draw in some fun. You can meet new friends, eat or travel to new places, go to blogging events and get some perks. But personality, it enhance you in writing and speaking that can be useful. Now, is blogging for you?

Any more signs you might add to the list. Please reply it on the comment section.

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Marianito “Nitoy” Gonzales is a 34 years old introvert who’s passion is to proclaim the bad news about God. He’s a goverment employee but his church and digital life is more colorful for because of Christ. You can reach him at his Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

The Blogging Basics By Mozilla Philippines


“Hey Dems…” I said to my blogger friend, Dems Angeles as we walk the streets of Makati, which is a familar place for her. We took the underpass and pass over business offices that are already closed.

“Yes?” Dems answered back. Dems and I are tired with the walk but our chat seems to make it disappear. Its already night and we just came from the event at Globe Valero. I want to get on the bus back to Batangas City and Dems wants to catch up with the van bound to her place.

“Thank you for giving me the “Dems Angeles app” in finding this event and the place…hehehe…” It was almost 7:00 pm of February 8 and tomorrow is Lord’s Day.

“Hahahaha….” She replied. We still manage to squeeze in some laughs.

Dems and I dropped by one of the first servings of Mozilla Philippines to us who are in social media. Titled “Mozilla Philippines Social Media Series: Blogging 101”. The event showcases 4 influential bloggers to talk about the basics of blogging. They shared the How To’s and their personal experience engaging in blogging. Then after each talk their will be a Q and A portion. At face value you might say the basics of blogging is for the unexperienced but the talks proved that it is not. The event was emceed by Erika Gatmaitan (the niece of Christian author Dr. Luis Gatmaitan or Tito Dok) the student ambassador for Mozilla PH and she introduced first in the program Bob Reyes, one of the Mozilla PH representative here in the Philippines. Sir Robert warmly welcomed us to the event and enthusiastically discussed what Mozilla is all about. He emphasize not just being an open source of Mozilla as its edge, but also other advantages particularly security. Sir Robert states that Mozilla has its “privacy as its roots.”

First on the fray is blogger Gian Carlo Viterbo of Gadget Pilipinas. His topic was “10 Things To Do After Installing WordPress” which got a lot of positive reaction because majority of the crowd are WordPress user (me included). But first, he buttered us up with what is WordPress all about. He mentioned the benefits of having a self-hosted WordPress which kept us salivating. He then post a very striking question to us: Are you willing to take great risk to get great rewards having a bad*** website? Hmmm…who doesn’t want one? Well according Gian Carlo, the risks he encountered with his blogs is security i. e. getting hacked. He had been “friendly hacked” many times to show how weak his blog security is. He was grateful for that experience. Having that thought about security, all over his talk he keeps on bring that. Most notably #8 “Delete the default Admin WordPress Account” in which we check pop star Katy Perry’s website (which is WordPress powered) as an example. As we expected, it was not deleted. To Gian this will be a hackers gold. Anyway, the first talk was a blast. For those who want to see Gian Carlo’s presentation you can view it here.

Since WordPress was discussed, Blogger, its counterpart, as the next topic by another speaker. Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’s Merryland blog not only tackle Blogger, but also showed us how to make one in less than 5 minutes. Azarel went through his talk “Using Blogger As Website and Blog”. He first differentiate a website and blog set up then show how having a blog,specifically Blogger, as an advantage. Then he went to tell us the different blog ventures he had most notably the S. M. blogs. As the finale, he showed the crowd how to set up a Blogger blog in just 5 minutes. Well it was so fast for Azrael to make a “Flappy Bird Philippines” blog considering he is already log in Blogger. It was more or less 3 minutes. As a former user of Blogger, all I can say its easy to use but I’ll stick with WordPress for now.

Blogger Jonel Uy took on a topic titled “Social Media Consulting as a Career”. With his mild mannered speaking he took us to the topic that is near to his heart. He showed the broad perspective of the social media landscape to us and point out the different divisions and branches of it. The talk was so short (I think its 20 minutes) but the point he is driving is that social media opened careers and opportunities like marketing and public relations for us to consider. Career shift anyone?

After the snack of sodas and sandwiches, we had our last speaker, Aileen “Yen” Dreyfus of Tummy Traveler blog. The “Dreyfus” struck a familiar tune to me. She is the wife of actor (and also a blogger) Chuckie Dreyfus (remember him?). Using her charm and demure, its easily for her to grab our attention when we feel like going home. She then delivered her talk “Better Blogging and Being Social” in which she gave us 15 tips how to improve our blogging. As she was sharing the tips she keeps on mentioning her “husband” and how she was influenced by him in blogging. The talk was brief but still we learned alot. She left us with this reminder: “Be the blogger you want to read.” In the Q and A part, I got a chance to ask her a question in which she satisfactorily answered it.

After the talks we got to chat with the speakers and have our photo taken. I met a couple of guys from Mozilla then asked how to volunteer in the community. It was a great event and I hope to be seen at future Mozilla Philippines activities like this. I’m also praying to be part of the community and help spread the passion of Mozilla!

3 Essential Signs That Something is Just a Fad


Fads come and go but how do you detect that it’s just a what it is: a fad. Here are 3 signs that a trend has it’s days numbered:

  1. A tsunami of similar or copied idea – if something became a hit expect a flood of copycats cashing in the latest trends. There will be stand outs but with the influx of it you’ll get sick of it.
  2. Everyone is jumping in the bandwagon – As long it’s going to make publicity to any person chances are they are using it to get free PR.
  3. You can feel it’s just a Band-Aid solution – especially in spirituality there is more into it than what we see on the surface. So it’s better to ask: Is it biblical?

Do you have number 4? Please post it on the comments.

Meeting the CLC Philippines Gang


                One of the most memorable moments at the Manila International Bookfair (MIBF) is stopping at the CLC booth. I’m not good at introducing or presenting myself. I easily shy away. So I did the “silent” approach at the CLC Philippines booth. As I was checking the books out, some from the CLC personnel identified me. They immediately gave me the warmest welcomes and smiles. We had a photo-op at their cool backdrop and I met the CLC staff.

                Before dropping by the CLC (Christian Literature Crusade) Philippines booth, I already did my book shopping over Christian Growth Ministries (CGM) and CSM (Church Strengthening Ministries) booth. I also visit Lighthouse, OMF, Biblica and Philippine Bible Society. I made CLC sort final stop, the cherry on my Sundae, metaphorically. And boy, I got a surprised from the CLC crews’ warm welcome.

                I’ve been reviewing CLC Philippines books for a couple of months now and it’s an honor to finally meet these guys who I get in touch in Facebook or by e-mail. I get to meet Ptr. Chris, Sir Don Tan, Mam Shella, Sir Jack etc.I had a great time with them and I get to know those behind the scene stuff from Mam Shella.

Like booths of OMF and CSM, CLC offers also 100 pesos books. They have great titles on the pile and for sure you can find something that will suit you. I love their booth this bookfair unlike last year. They have this backdrop thing were you can take pictures with you and your barkada. A great way to promote CLC Philippines. Kudos for the creativity guys!

Again CLC thank you for the opportunity for reviewing your books and I hope you enjoyed the “panucha” I gave you. I assure you, you’re sweeter that those “panucha” because of your dedication to Christ. I know you’re tired and all but you did a great job out there in MIBF. More book reviews to come! See you guys next year!