(Interview) Aaron Armstrong

In his new book, I’m A Christian…Now What?, Aaron Armstrong delivered a blend of the usual and unique guide for the new believers. Having finished it, I can say I haven’t read something like this.

I reached out to him to talk about his family, John Piper, creativity and of course his book.

To add a twist, I dug some interesting IG photos from Aaron’s account and asked him to try and fill some stories into those photos.

Have your kids read one of your books?

My kids have read at least parts of one of my books, “Epic: the Story that Changed the World“. They acted as my test readers on that one, which was really kind.

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(Interview) Sharmaine Saraspi of Guilt, Grace, Gratitude

You know the T-shirts, hoodies and the mugs. Now let’s get to know the person behind these merchs. Sharmaine Saraspi of Guilt, Grace, Gratitude talks about her recent merch booth over Pilgrim Theological Conference, how she started GGG, and being creative for God’s glory.

Hi Sharmaine. Saw some photos of you and your booth at the Pilgrim Theological Conference. So how was the experience being there with your merchs?

It is actually refreshing and I am truly grateful to finally set up a merch booth again after 3 years of the pandemic.

There are lots of Reformed brethren there and I think they like what you put out through Guilt, Grace, Gratitude. What’s the feeling of being recognized and being able to see folks wearing your t-shirts?

I’m actually shy because I’ve been trying to sell the merch while keeping a low profile since I started back in 2018, but I eventually made friends on social media (got exposed hahaha)  and was referred to by them, so eventually I got used to it.

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “I’m A Christian…Now What?” (Aaron Armstrong)

It’s 15 days to go before the launch of Aaron Armstrong book “I’m A Christian…Now What?” published by Lexham Press. Here’s some appetizers for you before you dig in with the book. Here are my favorite quotes from that book and if you want to order it now, go to this link.

“…when you become a Christian, especially when you’re coming to faith as an adult, you’re starting life over from scratch. You’re a grown-up in body, but a child in your faith, which means these early weeks, months, and years are a crucial time in your faith.”

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World” (Eliza Huie)

Have a blessed day to all!

Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World by Eliza Huie published by 10 Publishing. You can get your copy, both physical and digital by following this link.

The biggest enemy parents have in raising kids in a screen-saturated world is the same enemy who continues to seek to destroy the work of God in your and your children’s lives. Don’t focus so much on fighting technology. Rather, fight against the ways Satan sneaks in to deceive and destroy.

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(Interview) Tony Kummer on Sunday School

This blog was blessed by Sunday School Works, an online ministry providing free resources for churches, with two premium Sunday School curriculum this blog’s readers last April. So the good news is, I’ll be making it available for free again but now I’ll lift the limited time thing! So if you haven’t downloaded the curriculums, head over this link to get the freebies. Added to that is this interview with the founder of Sunday School Works/ Ministry to Children, Tony Kummer, as we talk about Sunday School and his ministries.

Hello Tony! Kindly tell us your testimony on how Christ saved you?

I was saved in High School when some school friends invited me to a youth group. After hearing the teaching, I started to read the Bible on my own and the Spirit really just opened my eyes that Jesus was real and his Gospel was for me too. I still remember the conviction in my heart reading through the book of Matthew for the fist time.

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The Freebie Round-Up #130

Happy Saturday! Here are some freebies curated just for you. If you like this post, please do share with others. If you missed the previous one and some of the old round-up, just scroll down and you’ll find them at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

FREE e-book “White To Harvest” (Greg Hutcheson)– Reformation England has a new mini e-book offer about the Great Commission.

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(Satire) The Rebel’s Dictionary: Baptist Extinctives

(The Rebel’s Dictionary injects humor and satire to made up words.   By using funny words as jump off point, TRD aims to point out issues concerning Christians, the church and Christianity at large.)

Baptist Extinctives – A set of doctrines a group of Baptist (specifically the IFB or Bible Baptist here in the Philippines) upholds that set them apart from others denominations but now abandoned, modified or extinct from the original Baptist Distinctives. Usually the Baptist Distinctives can be summed up with this acrostic B. A. P. T. I. S. T. S. which means:

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Book Review: “A Taste of Asia” (Reuben Grace)

No this is not a cookbook. Lol

But just like food in Asian countries, its comes in different variety, colors and taste.

A Taste of Asia is a combination of a devotional, prayer list, bios and interactive book that is geared for children. Topped with vibrant and colorful illustrations, this book is an sparkling gem to the eye and it can be treasured by the heart for it’s aim to get our young ones get to know missions. If that doesn’t whet your appetite then read on.

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(Interview) Norton Hall Band on Hymns

Photo from Youtube

What did your church sang this Lord’s Day? Did it lift both your soul to worship and your voice to praise the goodness of Christ? Does it prepare your spirit for the weekly servings of God’s Word through the sermon? Does it convey words that you can’t express on how to be thankful for God’s providence? Does it bring you to tears knowing the truth of God through the lyrics of the song? I hope and pray that it’s a blessing to you as you sang either a contemporary worship song or hymns.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) has this group called Norton Hall Band that plays a fresh take on hymns. They have a new album, Still Our Refuge which is the third album they released this year. I reach out with Evan Sams, guitarist of Norton Halls Band to talk about hymns, their band and their new album.

For those who are not familiar with hymns, can you define what a hymn is?

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How to Create an Instant Digital Christian Library Without Breaking the Bank

Previously I posted on my Facebook an article from Tim Challies blog that made theology geeks everywhere shout for joy. The title of the article is “A Secret Way to Kick-Start Your Theological Library” in which he gave tips on how to create a digital library without breaking the bank. Tim listed links of free downloadable theology journals from different seminaries or organizations. He even includes a link on how to use Evernote to save and catalog those fine resources. I already checked those journals and I can attest that they are great resources considering that they are free. So if you don’t want to buy expensive theology book, this article will give you the best alternative..

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