Book Review: God Without Religion by Andrew Farley

God without religion? Is he serious? Hmmm…the title got me looking twice at the back cover to check this author’s bio. He is a Christian. Check! He is a pastor. Check! In an evangelical church. Check!

The opening page grab me that I lead me the first 50 pages of it. Truly it’s an engaging read for me and I hope it will be for you too. Farley weaves stories that reflect the biblical lessons that will make you glued and understand the point he is driving.

me and the book
me and the  this book

Farley gave a fresh look at the relationship of the Christian to the Old Testament law and how it relates to us living radically in the new covenant of the New Testament. Bold and daring words that will make you sweat especially in the part were tithing, baptism or the theological positions are discussed. And when I say you’ll sweat, you WILL sweat! No punches pulled by this book or any sign of retreating. You don’t have to agree in every point he is hitting on but you will be definitely moved (or should I say get punched) to consider if you are really leaning on the Jesus Christ or on what you can do for Him. If you’re on the former then you’re serving God without religion.

If you already read similar books like “Radical” by David Platt or “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, be sure to leave a space for this book in your shelves. “God Without Religion” is truly a liberating book that will challenge your spirituality if you want to depend more on God’s grace in your Christian life. And yes, serving God without religion is that simple!

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