jeans.jpgDelighting Grace is not just a blog. It’s an extension of the passion to win souls for Christ and the pursuit to exalt the glory of God. We hope and diligently pray that this is also your commitment as a Christian. When you support our ministries together we give hope to the people who haven’t encountered our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  Under the guidance of Good Shepherd Baptist Mission San Pascual, Batangas we have various means how we can accomplish this commitment to God. Here are the following ministries that seek the furtherance of the gospel and God to be magnified:

  1. Bible Studies – Philippine National Police (PNP) San Pascual Station, University of Batangas (UB) Library, Pallocan,  Tramo, and Villa Gem.
  2. Music Ministry – church rondalla group and music workshop
  3. Book and reading material drive – providing since 2004 Christian books and materials to different universities, schools and colleges in and around the Batangas City area.
  4. Online ministry – Youtube videos, Worship Sunday livestreaming, Tumblr and DG blog.
  5. Church ministry – kids, Jr. Young, and Young People ministries

We can accomplish together for God in 3 different ways:

  1. Prayer – uphold us in prayer as we seek the lost and disciple those who already are believers.
  2. Donate – Donate new or second hand Christian books, reading materials, crayons, CD’s or DVD’s, musical instruments and equipments, or clothing and send it to us:

Ptr. Joberth B. Hernandez

Good Shepherd Baptist Mission

Reaville Subd., Ayala Ave. Brgy. Poblacion, San Pascual

Batangas, Philippines 4204


As for monetary donation please e-mail me thru my personal e-mail to learn more:

  1. Contact The Gospel Coalition (TGC) – “Packing Hope” sends theologically sound materials to poor countries with a gospel famine free of charge. We have a good track record with “Packing Hope” even when it’s still under Desiring God Ministries. By clicking this link you can browse the free books and learn how this ministry will elevate our theological needs.


May God bless us all as we continue to make Him beautiful to all the nations!

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