8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “The StoryChanger” (David Murray)

Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, The StoryChanger by David Murray, published by Crossway. You can get your copy, both physical and digital by following this link.

“When our lives connect with God, we experience a new contentment with life. Heaven has begun on earth.”

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Comicbook Review: “A Reign of Beasts” (Andrew Carman and Jared Boggess)

Summary: The prophet Daniel wakes up from a vision that is filled with horrific imagery. A prophetic dream (or nightmare) which shows Titans or kaijun emerging to battle humanity in the near future. Then as he nears the end of his, then comes a “Son of Man” to do a rescue mission.

Cover Art: This is just a foretaste of the art that you’ll experience inside the comic. And just by the cover (without giving away the details) you’ll find this is not the usual comicbook artwork. The monsters are scary looking and brooding over Daniel. It gives you that vibe that they’re menacing Daniel in his dream. The purple or maroon (color blind on digital copy) color instead of black still delivers that insidious feel to the reader.

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “The Scriptures and Good Works” (Arthur W. Pink)

Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, The Scriptures and Good Works by Arthur W. Pink, published by Chapel Library. You can get your copy, both physical and digital for free by following this link.

Nothing brings more honour to Christ than those who bear His name living constantly (by his enablement) in a Christ-like way and spirit.

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Comicbook Review: “Perpetua” (Art Ayris and Jeff Slemons)

Summary: Perpetua is a story of one of the earliest Christian women recorded outside of Scriptures that suffered persecution because of her faith. Little was known of her but here death under the hand of Rome is an incredible story.

Cover Art: Similar to cover the of Martyrs comicbook but Slemons gives a sweeping cinematic look that you’ll always want to stare at. While that comic is minimalist cover, this one is masterpiece in itself. If this comic is on the shelf with other comics, surely this is an eye grabbing cover and you’ll be picking it up and read it on the spot. Slemon rendered his art on the cover (and interior) that can only be called epic.

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Comicbook Review: “Chronicles of Faith: David” #1 (Ivan Anaya and Brannon Hollingsworth)

Summary: King David continues to tell little Solomon his story. This comic touches King Saul’s fall from the favor of the God of Israel, Samuel anointing David as the new king and revealing the Philistines champion, Goliath.

Cover Artwork: This cover is a departure from the #0 cover which is a minimalist and it doesn’t give away the story you’ll be indulging. Although this is an all for ages comic, you can see in the cover a bit of seriousness of what the content will be. Also the take away of the cover is the fantastic illustration of Anaya that is different from the previous issue (more of that later).

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Comicbook Review: “The Way of The Cross #1” (David Gaulet & Joe Spicer)

Summary: A devotional that invites us to come with Christ by walking to Him as He approaches the cross. Along the way, Jesus will experience the pain and suffering that can relate in our lives. This is a Passion Week for those who had been though every twist and turn of our earthly life and this devotional will remind us that Christ experience it too and He can offer more than relief. He offers himself and His love for us. So come and in this journey you are not alone.

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Comicbook Review: “Fleeing Darkness” Chapter 2 (Matthew Page and Various Kingstone Artist)

Summary: The story continues as the three Christian friends struggles as the communist take over the city. One of them Jae, gets a way to maneuver the soldiers and set to find Jang and their kids in war torn city.

Cover Art: As usual Jason Metcalf did a superb cover art. It’s in line with what the interior art is. Unlike Chapter 1, it’s just a “mug shot” portrait of a man with two guns on both sides which can draw an intense vibe as you open the comic. But like the premier issue, (spoiler!) you can find this image inside the comic. Regardless, it brings that intensity needed for such kind of book.

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Children’s Book Review: “Saint Nicholas the Gift Giver” (Ned Bustard)

It’s almost Christmas and I know you’re thinking of presents for your kids that you can put under the Christmas tree or stuff it in those big red stockings. Why not a story book about Christmas? How about a story on Santa?

If you like giving or receiving gifts (which we always do in these season) then why not learn and enjoy a story of a gift giver.He doesn’t need introductions. We all know him. We know how he looks. We know the names his reindeers. We sang Christmas songs about him. We anticipate his coming on Christmas Eve from our childhood. But in Ned Bustard’s book Saint Nicholas the Gift Giver we are asked again, Do we really know him?

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Book Review: “A Taste of Asia” (Reuben Grace)

No this is not a cookbook. Lol

But just like food in Asian countries, its comes in different variety, colors and taste.

A Taste of Asia is a combination of a devotional, prayer list, bios and interactive book that is geared for children. Topped with vibrant and colorful illustrations, this book is an sparkling gem to the eye and it can be treasured by the heart for it’s aim to get our young ones get to know missions. If that doesn’t whet your appetite then read on.

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