Book Review: Knowing Scriptures by R. C. Sproul

Now more than ever we Christian must soak our souls over the Bible. Learning to study God’s Word should not be just an appendix of a book or a Study Bible. You need a book for it.

A very unique book for the subject matter Knowing Scriptures from a top caliber Bible teacher, R. C. Sproul. This book gives you some lean and mean meat in studying the Bible. Concise but colossal in content this book is on par with seminary level handling of the subject. But Sproul marvelously illuminates it to us ordinary Christians. R.C. Sproul lets you dive in deep theological waters without letting you drown. He pulls you up in the surface not just drenching with information but wet appetite that will let you bite more on the premises of the book. He has a tendency not to withdraw things that we might think will confuse the subject but show it to you anyway because it is a must for you to know. It’s not every day you encounter words like didactic, hermeneutics, eisegesis or exegesis. Nor personalities like Martin Luther or Karl Barth. Sproul lets you confront these and many more to give you a serious and hopefully delightful study of Scriptures.

Using Reformed approached in studying the Word of God, Sproul unpacks essential methods of engaging Christians to the Bible. The book draws first blood on the question “Why Study the Bible?” Here he debunks two myths of the Bible and shoots the disease (like pragmatisms and sensuous Christians) to clear the way for the rest of the chapters to march on the intend treatise of the book. The 11 practical rules of biblical interpretation which is the core of the book is a combination of useful, mildly technical and oh so humbling methods Christians should follow. The book will also lead you to a cruise to Christian history, culture, theology (of course) and other notable works on studying the Bible that will uphold you to fall in love with it.

Notable Quotes:

“No Christian can avoid theology. Every Christian is a theologian. Perhaps not a theologian in the technical or professional sense, but a theologian nevertheless. The issue for Christians is not whether we are going to be theologians but whether we are going to be goo theologians. A good theologian is one who is instructed by God.”

“Private Bible study is an important means of grace for Christians. It is a privilege and a duty for all of us. In his grace and kindness towards us God has provided not only gifted teachers in his church to assist us, but his own Holy Spirit to illuminate his Word and search out its application to our lives. To sound teaching and diligent study God gives blessing.”

I recommend this book to be read twice and have a mindset that we should get down and dirty in getting to know the Bible. Let’s heed to what this book wants to say “Christians get serious with God’s Word!”

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