Kevin DeYoung on Supporting your Pastor

Pastor and blogger, Kevin DeYoung answers the question on how laymen can support their pastor:

“Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is simply to pray and probably to let your pastor know that you’re praying…I think if laypeople try to understand that pastoral ministry is more demanding than they might think…That’s not at all to say it’s the hardest job…That would be totally untrue. But, so much of what people see is “Sunday”—your preaching or leading in some way…The pastor’s pulled in a lot of different directions so if people can understand that, that’s helpful…I have lots of encouragement, but I know there are many pastors out there who go a long time without people thanking them or writing them a note…The last thing that comes to mind is just realizing that there are a number of things that happen in the church that people in the pews may not fully understand…Sometimes you can’t tell the congregation everything…If laypeople keep that in mind, it would help them from being too quick to make a judgment.”

(Contact Magazine Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary, Spring ’11 Vol. 39. No. 1, Alumni Notes pg. 35)


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