8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Gentle and Lowly” (Dane Ortlund)

It’s been a while since I posted quotes from my recently finished book. This is because of this book by Dane Ortlund which is long and I want to thoroughly enjoy it. These days I rarely read long books. However having gone through Gentle and Lowly, I’ll reconsider reading longer ones.

As usual, if you enjoy these quotes, please get yourself a copy of either physical or digital format. You can purchase your copy by clicking this link.

The battle of the Christian life is to bring your own heart into alignment with Christ’s, that is, getting up each morning and replacing your natural orphan mind-set with a mind-set of full and free adoption into the family of God through the work of Christ your older brother, who loved you and gave himself for you out of the overflowing fullness of his gracious heart.

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The Freebie Round-Up #148

Kindly pray for my friend, Jun Dayo who had a chemo recently. He is a comic artist that I consider one of my childhood heroes. We are exchanging Bible verses and encouragement over Messenger. Hopefully I can pay him a visit and talk about Christ.

Now before the month ends, here’s some freebies you can check out.

FREE e-book How to Start a Residency by Clint Clifton – The author recently went to the Lord and to honor his legacy, New Churches made his book free to download.

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(Videos) Unboxing Evangelistic Graduation Gifts for My Daughter and Her Classmates

It’s graduation season and as parents, it will be our first time to experience it as (other than ourselves) our daughter moves up from kindergarten to Grade 1. It has been a year of helping her along with her auntie and a tutor as she learned how to read and write. We thank God that those fruits of labor (with much prayers) for our only child are now a reality. We want this milestone to be memorable by being there as she goes on stage and by giving her gifts. And only for her but for her classmates too. Seeing them and their parents when I picked up my daughter after school, gave me some insights from them as I interact and observe them. I believe this is a evangelistic opportunity that we shouldn’t miss.

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Quick Reviews 05/09/2023

With new titles coming every month, it seems hard to catch up for readers who are looking for resources for their personal Christian walk or geared for the ministry. As for a reviewer like me, having some back logs of books is a nightmare. Nevertheless, I was able to read or check some of the books in this post and write a short review. So enjoy this first batch of books and stay tuned for more posts like this.

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The Freebie Round-Up #147

It’s been a busy week for me because of my father’s surgery. I’m on leave from work and I have to be on standby near to the hospital if ever my parents need something (there are still COVID-19 restrictions here). Nevertheless, I was able to be there for them and had to review my biblical counseling course at a nearby park and public library. Kindly pray for the full recovery of my dad.

Anyways, enjoy these freebies!

FREE “Core Doctrines” videos and discussion notes – This free six video curriculum tackles key doctrines of the Christian faith is produced by Fellowship Bible Church. You can download the video (or request a DVD) and discussion notes for your church groups.

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5 Free Helpful Apps For Your Quiet Time (Aside From A Bible App)

“There’s an app for that.”

That’s the popular Apple slogan made known in their I-Phone commercials. It’s a promise that in every need, there’s an app that will help their users. A decade and a half later, it still rings true today. The abundance of apps now for smart phones and tablets confirms this and it’s not slowing down.

For believers it’s an opportunity to help them grow spiritually. So if someone ask What apps can I use for my devotional time with God? we can confidently say: There’s an app for that! Here’s some of the app that really help me in my quiet time. I do struggle in this area and these apps really are heaven sent. If you check my phone, you’ll find these five apps:

Daily Readings – I think this is an underrated app and you can’t easily find it when you search Google Play. Nevertheless, the features are lit and extremely helpful in your devotional time. It has an ESV Bible, Spurgeon and Ryle morning and evening devotions and prayer prompts. The awesome sauce of this app is that it has hymns complete with music and lyrics at the end of every devotions, so you can have an option to sing along to finish off your time with God. So so cool!

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(Satire) The Rebel’s Dictionary: Adhomineminem

(The Rebel’s Dictionary injects humor and satire to made up words. TRD’s goal isn’t to poke fun on individuals or use these words to label a person or entity.  By using funny words as jump off point, TRD aims to discuss issues concerning Christians, the church and Christianity at large.)

Adhomineminem – A rapid dumping of personal attacks or ad homen hoping that it will demolish the argument of the other side. It’s a combination of words ad hominem, a form of logical fallacy that uses personal attacks and Eminem, a prominent rapper that became infamous by hurling insults in his rap songs.

Adhomineminem is usually employed by internet trolls or fanatics to stump critics of their favored individual or group. Sadly, in Christian circles when conversations about certain issues heats up, sparks (and words) fly on both camps. Whether it is politics or doctrine, it seems that personal attacks are readily available in every person’s bag. It’s just a matter of time or circumstances (i. e. no more valid argument to give) that someone will grab the bag and pull this weapon out.

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Surprised by Jesus” (Dane Ortlund)

Happy Monday! Here are my favorite quotes from a book I finished reading that really lives up to it’s title. I haven’t read a long book for quite sometime now and I’m venturing on reading Gentle and Lowly after this amazing book stoked me. These quotes are from the book, Suprised by Jesus, authored by Dane Ortlund published by 10 Publishing. You can get the book on physical and digital format by following this link.

“The fundamental distinction between churches is not that some of them have sinners and others do not. The fundamental distinction is that some churches have honest sinners and other churches have self-protecting sinners. The question is not whether we are sinful or not, but whether or not we are honest about it.”

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Children’s Book Review: New and May Release of The Good Book Company

Let’s focus on a fresh batch of children’s books that are very unique and interesting. If you like what you read, pick up the books by clicking on the title.

The Songs of A Warrior (Katy Morgan) -This is a re-telling of the story of two kings, Saul and David. I have been exposed to re-tellings on the story of David, but this is just a nice one. I like the earlier chapters which give a solid and raw narrative of Saul’s humble beginnings and till his ascension to the throne. I enjoyed that a lot. However, as for the succeeding chapters and with the author’s unnecessary time jumps to the story, I got lost on what this book’s endgame is about.

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