Pinoy Preacher List #10

Lets start this New Year with a batch of preachers that you can watch or listen online. If you happen to be looking for a church to call home, then let this list be a helpful suggestion to you.

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Now here’s three preachers on our list:

Kirby Figueras – leads Field of Grace, a Reformed Christian Church in Rainbow Village 5, Bagumbong, Caloocan City (Ridgewood School of Caloocan). They are “Guilty Sinners. Graciously Saved. Gratefully Serving”. Get to know them and watch preaching videos over their FB Page.

Enteng Ramoneda – Pastor Enteng and Cruciform Life Church aims ” (on) being and making cruciformed disciples by growing their knowledge of the Gospel through responsible evangelism, expository preaching, Christ-centered worship; and intentional, gospel-centered, life-to-life discipleship for the glory of God.” Watch his preaching over their FB Page and Youtube Channel.

Rene Ely – last on this list is from Baguio City, Guiding Light Christian Church. He one of the elders/pastors of this church. They have an impressive website which houses their latest sermons in audio, video and slides format. Find him and the rest of the preachers over their Facebook and Youtube Channel.

Would you like to help me grow this list? If you know pastors or preachers who are Calvinistic or Reformed and has sermons online, please do e-mail me at

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