Pinoy Preacher List #2

qvfpy4dIn this series, Delighting Grace will feature Filipino or Pinoy preachers that you should consider reading, watching or listening.  I hope and pray that by this small effort, these preachers will widen their reach and glorify God through preaching.

Noel Espinosa – A sought after speaker in the Pinoy Reformed circle, he is currently pastoring Grace Baptist Church Los Banos, Laguna. He is also a blogger and you can read his latest commentaries at Treasures in Earthen Vessel. You can listen to his messages by this link and watch is conference messages by going to Youtube.

James Bryner Chu – Rev. Chu is the pastor and teaching elder of Pilgrim Community Church, which is known for conferences called Pilgrim Theological Conference . You can listen to his radio program, Considering Christ a week by week meditations on the New City Catechism over DZFE 98.7 FM or read the transcripts over this website.  You can also listen to his weekly lessons on the Westminster Shorter Catechism previously broadcast over DZFE. Pilgrim Community Church has a Youtube Channel that you can watch some preaching.

Joel Bigueta – Pastoring an urban church at Calloocan, The Neighborhood Church (TNC), he along with their preachers, offer their sermons online over Sermon Audio.

So that’s my list for now and if you miss out the Pinoy Preacher List #1 just click this link. If you know pastors or preachers who are Calvinistic or Reformed and has sermons online, please do e-mail me at



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