8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “How to Walk Into Church” (Tony Payne)

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Now here are my favorite quote from the book How to Walk Into Church by Tony Payne published by Matthias Media. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“..this is God’s majestic purpose in Christ: to save and redeem and gather around himself a people from every nation, to give them confident access to his own presence, and one day to reveal that mighty assembly of his people in the new creation. In other words, God’s purpose in Christ is to build his church.”

“You could say that our local weekly church meetings are like a long-running weekly family dinner in preparation for the gigantic family reunion that is coming when the Day finally dawns. That’s what we’re walking into when we walk into church—a family gathering that God the Father himself has called together, as part of his majestic plan to save and gather his people around the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“what really stops many of us from turning up more frequently to church is a failure to grasp just how vital the ‘ministry of turning up’ really is.”

The better we come to know the God who sacrificed his Son for the salvation of all of us, the more our hearts are filled with love for the motley crew of forgiven sinners who are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

“What we do in church is a constant interplay between encountering God and encountering the people around us.”

“Because God has already called us into that heavenly assembly around his throne, we also gather in local assemblies here and now.”

“Questioning why Christians need to gather together in local churches is like asking why families need to get together.”

“Church is not about me. It’s not about the experience I have or what I get out of it. Church is a classic opportunity to love my brothers and sisters who are there, by seeking to build them up in Christ.”

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