Pinoy Preacher List # 5


In this special installment of this series, Delighting Grace list down pastors who are bloggers. They might not have online sermons but writes entries on a blog to share their insights.

Zigfred Maceren Diaz – Pastor Zigfred is the senior pastor of The Master’s Community Fellowship based in Cebu. He is the admin of a FB group, Baptist Theological Forum. He was featured in this blog as he tackles some Baptist erronious belief in his paper. He blogs at Life Hacks for Polymaths.

Enriqueto Alleje Sabio – At the heart of Metro Manila, Pastor Entiqueto leads Sovereign Mercy Evangelical Church. He works as an artist with his wife at MMS Music and Arts studio and also a technical director over Fun Guys Studio, a game development company. You can read his post on Sovereign Mercy Evangelical Church and on Reformed Exegetes Society.

Jezreel Notarte – Pastor Jezreel shepherds Way of Life Baptist Church. He blogs his sermons notes, thoughts and experiential learning over his blog.

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Would you like to help me grow this list? If you know pastors or preachers who are Calvinistic or Reformed and has sermons online, please do e-mail me at

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