Pinoy Preacher List #4


This is Delighting Grace fourth batch of Pinoy preachers you should read, listen or watch. Please consider praying for this series that it might widen the ministry reach of these preachers and lift up God’s name everywhere.

Rene Maramara – Pastor Maramara is the pastor of a Reformed church in Manila, Sovereign Grace Church.  His preaching can be accessed at Sovereign Grace Church Manila Facebook page and on Youtube.

Jorge L. Gumop-as – Pastor Jorge pastors a church down south of Metro Manila, Sovereign Grace Christian Church of San Pedro. He’s a graduate of Grace Ministerial Academy.  He has sermons on SGCC Facebook account and  on Youtube.

Ryan Ermac – Lastly, further down south of the Philippines, is Cebu where Pastor Ryan shepherds Apologia Gospel Church.  Ryan is a licensed chemical engineer from the University of San
Carlos and is finishing his Master’s in Theology, Major in Pastoral Studies at the Cebu Graduate School of Theology. You can watch his Cebuano/ English sermons here on Youtube.

If you have miss out the previous installments Pinoy Preacher List #1Pinoy Preacher #2 and Pinoy Preacher List #3.  Would you like to help me grow this list? If you know pastors or preachers who are Calvinistic or Reformed and has sermons online, please do e-mail me at


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