Children’s Book Review: “Known” Psalms 139 (Sally Lloyd-Jones & Jago)

Psalms 139 talks about the omniscience of God on a personal level. David, inspired by the Holy Spirit, writes how God knows his every step, word and the truth that He is inescapable. Then he goes further by saying that before he was born, God created him in the womb of his mother.

Knowing this truth there are ways to express such awe and admiration for this God of the Bible that leads us to fall down and worship him. For author Sally Lloyd-Jones and artist Jago, expressing such wonder is done by knowing He is our Father.

Known is based on Psalms 139 and through simple but tender words Lloyd-Jones, tells the story of how God, as a Daddy takes care of His little children. Lloyd-Jones goes to the level of our little ones and what matters to them. Waking up, putting on shoes and playing outside are ordinary things for us. But God is always there in the mundane things. Lloyd-Jones goes further, telling that God knows the of his child and the color of their eyes. Those can be done by an earthy daddy however, Lloyd-Jones, in the last part of the book, describes things that God only does and has done.

The artwork Jago rendered compliments the story Lloyd-Jones. In fact, it helps kids visualize how God loves them by showing how a daddy loves his son. I think this is a good springboard for the ending of Lloyd-Jones when he highlights God as the kid looks out of the window. The story and artwork blends well as it creates this warm and caring vibe. For me as a father, it really touches me as I read the story and I think kids will love it too.

Omniscience or God being all knowing is a big concept for kids. Thankfully, Known helps kids grasp it through this simple but touching story. Let your little one know that they’re known by a loving God.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

Buy your copy of this book here.

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