8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “I Have A Psychiatric Diagnosis” (Edward T. Welch)

It’s a stormy weekend here but I would like to share some quotes from a book I  finished, I Have A Psychiatric Diagnosis, Edward T. Welch, published by New Growth Press. You can get your copy by clicking this link.

If we are to become wise, we listen—to God and to others.

“The gospel is about being close to God. To do that, Jesus identified with you even to the point of entering into your afflictions.”

“A diagnosis is about you and your body; psychotherapy is often about you, your body, and other people; God is about you and your body, other people, and him and . . . everything.”

“Spiritual deepens our understanding of psychological problems. The two categories are not actually opposed. Psychological categories help us see important human struggles. Spiritual categories include those struggles and help us see more. Spiritual indicates that God speaks in every detail of our lives, and we need him in every detail.”

“Our own sin does not cause trauma, but our daily sins can distance us from God.”

“Spiritual problems mean that you need God: Father, Son, and Spirit. Life is too much to manage on your own. You cannot afford to be partitioned from him.”

“Prayer will be the mainstay of help. When you pray, you can be sure that you are headed in the direction of life; you are in God’s house. Let prayer be the final word of all your listening.”

“One common observation is that the intrusive feelings and thoughts of PTSD can be so loud many affected people will look for ways to be distracted or numb themselves. Watch out for drugs and alcohol or other ways you try to self-rescue. Here is a rule that has no exceptions: when you look to be rescued by anything or anyone in this world, your rescuer will control you. Then your rescuer will become your master, and you will need to be rescued again.”

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