8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Contending for the Faith: The Story of the Westminster Assembly” (Joel Beeke and William Boekestein)

Happy Friday! Here are some great quotes I would like to share from a book I finished,Contending for the Faith: The Story of the Westminster Assembly, by Joel Beeke and William Boekestein, published by Reformation Heritage Books. You can get your copy by clicking this link.

“A church uses a confession to declare what it believes and teaches. The Bible is the source for all Christian faith, but it is not enough for us to say, “We believe the Bible.Many people claim to believe the Bible while denying what it teaches or disobeying its commands. The Westminster Confession sums up the teaching of God’s Word..”

“…catechism is very good for memorizing so that children (and adults) can understand the truths of the Bible in a simple way and explain them to others.”

“We must “contend” or strive to keep that faith pure and fight against errors that creep into the church. That was the work of Reformers such as Martin Luther and John Calvin in the sixteenth century.”

“With the Bible in one hand and the Westminster Standards in the other, faithful Christians laid the foundations of Presbyterian and Reformed churches in many lands and earnestly contended for “the faith which was once delivered to the saints.”

“The Westminster Assembly wrote five important documents, known as the “Westminster Standards.” In the “Form of Presbyterial Church Government,” the Assembly showed how the church should be organized and how new ministers should be set apart for their task.”

“The Westminster Assembly especially wanted young people and children to learn what the Bible teaches. Therefore, they wrote the Westminster Shorter Catechism to give simpler answers to 107 questions.”

“The Westminster Assembly wanted to teach people the doctrines of the church.
To do that, they wrote catechisms, little books of questions and answers.”

“The assembly also wrote the “Directory for Public Worship of God,” instruction on how the church should worship God as He commands in His Word. Even children can understand how to worship in this way.”

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