Book Review: “Are You 100% Sure You Want To Be an Agnostic?” (Jonathan Gemmell and Andrew Sach)

Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

Neither judge a book by it’s title no matter how cool it is.

I don’t easily give in to flashy book covers but when it comes to titles (and the author) I get too excited when I hear those stand out titles of the book. It serves like a cover too and things to expect. However, there are those whose content doesn’t live up to what the title is.

Apologetic books tend to have the same content. Whatever apologetic views you’re in, the meat your readers will dig in are basically the same. There are exceptions to this rule. One, you have to be someone of an authority in this field, say Van Til, Josh McDowell, William Lane Craig etc. I might read those authors. Another exception is if you have written it well, offer a different spin on it and most importantly sustain that till the very last page. Are You 100% Sure You Want To Be an Agnostic? delivers that but felt short of what I’m expecting from it.

I like how the authors opened this book. Cleverly done to tell you this is not another one of those apologetic books out there. This is a great hook I should say to grab the readers to read this book from start to finish. Another one is those hilarious pictures that really prove a point. However, that’s the only thing that excites and fascinates me with this book. I thought they would give an engaging read with some fresh take presenting apologetics that are penetrating to your heart and mind. What I got is the usual evidentialist apologetics presentation. Not that I’m against this apologetic method but I can’t see anything new. I might as well get a copy of More Than A Carpenter to save me from an unsustained introduction that would have given the book it’s uniqueness. If they did that kind of witty stuff in this book, this book might have been a hit.

It’s good for the authors to address different kinds of skeptics or agnostics which is fresh air for me. Also the authors are commendable in using evidence and logic. There is still some good stuff presented in this book that is worth reading. However, I find there is nothing new in this book. If we go straight to the point, half of this book would be gone.

Elevator Pitch: Are You 100% Sure You Want To Be an Agnostic? is your usual evidentialist apologetic with some interesting spin that wasn’t sustained till the very last page. I wish this book would be like that to make it stand out among the rest and give you a memorable read. Nevertheless there is still some good stuff in this book.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

Read my favorite quotes from the book here.

Grab a copy of this book here.

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