Book Review “Unstuck” by Tim Lane


Believers are given a new life in Christ. This kind of life was purchased by Christ at the cross. We are now his. He is now ours. However, Christians are not exempted from sinning. The old self is still there with habits, relationships, etc. Nevertheless God gave us the Bible to guide us and He Himself is working in us. Tim Lane, author and counselor gather these biblical truths to help Christians find lasting change in Unstuck. The book consist of nine steps that will lead believers out of those sticky situations and find freedom in Christ.

As I open the book, it grabbed me immediately. It’s very straightforward and I love books that are not so big in illustrations nor beating around the bush. In Unstuck, it let’s you dive immediately on  step 1 of the journey. But as I finish the first step, the book will ask you something to do. Whoa! So we need to have some effort by answering some questions. Kind of reminds me of a workbook. So the journey thing is not a fancy thing nor you can read this book passively. We need to get down and dirty. Tim is really putting US in a journey of change. This book really means it!

The first two chapters are short and encouraging enough to hook you till the last page. Some of the succeeding chapters are long but won’t wear you out. All throughout, Lane is conscious on how his reader reacts or feel on certain parts of the book. I think in his mind some will be overwhelmed of what he wrote. He got it all covered.  It’s great that he knows where he instructs the reader to go back to the previous steps or do some sort Plan B.

The design in is not just a neatdesign but it’s integral in laying the nine steps in this book. It serves as a map to easily follow the journey. It’s a great visual aid to digest the already understandable book.

Tim uses his life experience with him and his daughter to explain chapter 8 and continuing at chapter 9. This gets a thumbs up to me in how he device that experience to make it personal and relatable to the reader. Unstuck ends with a satisfying case study and appendix. What a great journey this book is!

We have this kind of fear when it comes to books that are “How To’s” or “Step by Step”. It’s might end up into a self help type of a book or downplay biblical truths. Unstuck blew those perceptions giving us a biblically sound, practical and enjoyable read. Change is within you reach. Grab a hold on this book. You can help yourself or someone else with the nine step in this book. Highly recommended!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

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