The Freebie Round-Up #141

Before we hit worship mode, check out these curated freebies just for you.

FREE course “A Summary of Justification by Faith from a Biblical Theological Perspective” (D. A Carson)– New free course on justification with video lectures from D. A. Carson in the latest The Gospel Coalition.

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The Freebie Round-Up #131

This is the day I’m picking up my in law from the hospital. She had her brain surgery last Friday. Thank you for all you prayers and financial support for my Mama.

Anyways, enjoy these freebie to start your week.

FREE webinar “Surprised by Jesus Q & A” with Dane Ortlund – In line with the new book, 10 Publishing is inviting folk join it’s online book launch on May 12 with author, Dane Ortlund. Click here to register for free.

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Book Review: “Read This First” (Gary Millar)

There many books that are geared to help the readers read and understand the Bible. Some are filled with encouraging words. Some engage the reader through witty and clever words. While some delivers a meaty servings of wisdom and knowledge to fill the minds of the readers. Those are good stuff that will draw readers to that book, stick to finish till the end and pick up the Bible to apply what they have learned.

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book”5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse” (Michael and Melissa Kruger)

Kindly pray for my mother in law who had a mild stroke due to diabetes. She’s also needs to undergo MIR scan. So please lift her up in prayer.

Anyways, Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, 5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse by Michael and Melissa Kruger by The Good Book Company. You can get your copy by following this link. Purchasing your copy enables you to support the author, publishing house and ministry to further push the gospel of Christ.

“What is your spouse anxious about today? Whether it is a stressful job situation, health struggle, or relational conflict, pray they would experience the peace of God guarding their minds in Christ Jesus as they turn to him in prayer.”

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(Author Interview) Gary Millar

There many reasons why folks don’t read the Bible. Let me highlight some of them here. One is that it is so mystical that we can’t read and understand what it’s message. This reason is connected with the second one that I think people don’t bother to pick up the Bible. That is the Bible are for those intellectuals or Bible scholars. In his new book, Read This First, Gary Millar blows these obstacles and help readers to get into reading the Bible. I reach out to him and ask a few questions.

Kindly tell us about yourself.

Sure. My name is Gary Millar. I’ve been married to Fiona for almost 30 years and we have three daughters. I was a pastor in Ireland (where I was born) for 17 years before we moved to Australia, where I’ve been the Principal of Queensland Theological College in Brisbane for 10 years.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Read This First” (Gary Millar)

Advance Happy New Year to all! Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished. Read This First by Gary Millar is published by The Good Book Company and you can get your copy by following this link. Purchasing your copy enables you to support the author, publishing house and ministry to further push the gospel of Christ.

“The God of the universe has set things up so that he relates to ordinary people like you and me in real time. He made us, he loves us, he knows us inside out, and he speaks to us. And he does that through the Bible. That’s why reading the Bible matters so much—because when we read it, we meet the one and only God.”

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The Freebie Round-Up #120

Hi guys! Kindly pray for my conference buddy Greg. He’s not feeling well because of the vaccine he got. Please pray for the doctors who will check him up and for God’s provision.

Anyways, lets go to our freebies. If you missed the previous one and some of the old round-up, just scroll down and you’ll find them at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

Free e-book “The Gospel in a Single Verse”(Charles H. Spurgeon) – Spurgeon explores 1 Timothy 1: 15 as it presents the gospel in this 45 page free e-book.

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How to Create an Instant Digital Christian Library Without Breaking the Bank

Previously I posted on my Facebook an article from Tim Challies blog that made theology geeks everywhere shout for joy. The title of the article is “A Secret Way to Kick-Start Your Theological Library” in which he gave tips on how to create a digital library without breaking the bank. Tim listed links of free downloadable theology journals from different seminaries or organizations. He even includes a link on how to use Evernote to save and catalog those fine resources. I already checked those journals and I can attest that they are great resources considering that they are free. So if you don’t want to buy expensive theology book, this article will give you the best alternative..

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8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Love Your Church”(Tony Merida)

Here are my favorite quotes from an upcoming book, Love Your Church by Tony Merida, published by The Good Book Company scheduled for release on June 1. If you want to support the author, you can pre-order by following this link.

“Belonging to a church means investing your life in a gospel-centered community of believers who joyfully serve one another and advance Jesus’ mission together.”

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