Book Review “The Cross in Four Words” by Kevin DeYoung Richard Coekin, and Yannick Christos-Wahab


As Christian publishers rushes to print books relevant to this trying times, sometimes the real message might get lost. Yes, I praise those publisher for helping churches and ministries with biblical answers and they are doing a good job. However,  we almost miss something that is more important than COVID19 or the racial crisis.

The premises of The Cross in Four Words is to show what the cross means in four words which is justice, forgiveness, freedom and purpose. Reading this shows how dynamic the power of the cross to the Christian. You might dismiss that this is a response to the current racial crisis but it is not. I was hoping it is but nevertheless a great excursion to the message of the gospel.

The book draws from the Old Testament on the liberation of Israel from slavery in Egypt. As the book progress, it touches the different aspect of salvation such as justification, santification, propitiation etc., I like how they connect it with the reality of the New Testament in Hebrews and other parts of the NT while picking up those theological truths.

So who among the three has the best contribution to the book you might ask? Which author really got the cake of the book? Well we can easily say it’s Kevin DeYoung because the familiarity he brings in the table (if you’re a book geek and read his books or listen to his sermons). However the truth is all of them did a grest job. So for me all of them had their best in the book. Although they may differ in approach all of those chapters (which  seems to converge in one harmonious work. These for me are not stand alone (that you can pick and choose then put down the book) chapters because it is interconnected by the theme amd every author’s contributions complement each other.

The Cross in Four Words is a timely book with a timeless message that we need to be reminded over and over. There are lots of things happening in the world for the past months that Christians need to response. Good thing that Good Book Company grounded us to the essentials by releasing this book.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

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