Book Review: “Questions Women Asked: Historical Issues, Timeless Answers”(Simonetta Carr)

Previously, I reviewed a book that has bit sized profiles of dead saints which I enjoyed. Then came this new book from Simonetta Carr that gave me more believers to know and see how God has used for His greater glory.

In Questions Women Asked, Carr combine questions and women in church history very well. As we go on the quest on finding the answers, we go as well deep on the story of these women believers. Having this book as a historical cruse and encouragement, you’ll have a book that is worth your time and money.

I was in the middle of this book and Carr is not stopping dishing highly encouraging book. There a streaks of profiles that will keep you on your feet and of course there will be those (not so) low points. Then again, those parts will swallowed up with the excellent one. This book is not just inspiring for Christian women but for all believers. If you’re a guy picking up this book, as you dive into this, the uplifting stories will drown your perception that this might just be a book for women. Entries are brief & satisfying but the book is a bit long with 31 chapters. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter. If Carr mentions books either written by her or about the person she is highlighting, you’ll want to go and check it out immediately. The Food for Thought is very helpful to further submerge you to the personality and questions of these believers, so please don’t skip that section.

From big theological (Should a Christian Live Separate from the World?, How Can We Trust God’s Providence?, How Do I Know the True God Is the One Described in Scriptures?) to social issues (How Can I Not Oppose Tyranny?, Should We Speak against Injustice?), to women concern (Is Woman a Defect of Creation?, Can Women Write about Theology?,Can Women Write about Theology?) to personal questions (How Can I Nurture a Distant Son?, Does God Care about Hairstyles?, Can Christians Have Disturbing Thoughts?) that needs biblical response, Carr really delivers. You’ll find questions that will arose your interest and find it as answers that keeps on nagging your mind. These questions are relatable that’s why you’ll stick reading it from beginning to end.

These women of faith came from different walks of life offering extraordinary testimonies of how God use their talents, professions and gifts in their specific place and time in church history. From poets, mothers, princess, writers, slaves and someone who had a discussion with Descartes (whoa!), Carr’s writing and research is so versetile even if the source for those saints are limited. She can whip up an excellent sketch on these women that will get you investing to their life and works in the book. As I go through the middle of this book and still Carr gets me glued. As I near the end, I got a bit tired and I have to put this book down and get some rest. But as I resume reading, my love for this book is all burning again.

Questions Women Asked is a page turner on church history, pressing questions and the role of women in Christianity throughout the centuries all mash up in this superb book. You’ll want to put Simmonetta Carr on your radar for biography authors and probably pick up some of her works after reading this one. You’ll enjoy this one because of how it is written, well researched, encouraging and informative as well. After you put down this one, you’ll be looking for the sequel of this book (and I hope she’s write it.) Highly recommend!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

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(Review copy of this book was provided by Reformation Heritage Books.)

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