Comicbook Review: “Dominion: Chapter 2” (Barron R. Bell)

(This is the review for issue two of the ongoing comicbook series by Terminus Media titled Dominion. You can read my review of the premier issue going to this link.)

Summary: As the kingdom of Saul starts to crumble, Prince Jonathan and Princess Michal, unknown to the king, goes into missions that will spark some hope for Dominion and will prove themselves to the king. But as they go further into their respective missions, things seems are not going to their favor.

Cover Art: I think this one is cooler than the 1st issue. Seems they got the inspiration from this from a movie poster. Well the premier issue gets it’s cue from a sci-fi movie poster however, if I have to choose from the which one has the best (so far), I would choose issue #2. This one is more cleaner, minimalist art that still brings the excitement.

Artwork: As expected, Bell and company delivers the good stuff. Here, you can expect to see space and other terrain that makes you think about Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Dune. You get to see the ships they use which are cool looking. The character design for the Philistines are nasty looking which I totally like.

Storytelling: I was surprised that this issue, unlike the first one, has more pages. So that means, more artwork and longer story. Which of course, didn’t disappoint my expectations. In fact, this issue has “two stories”. Well Bell and company didn’t cut the comicbook in half to accommodate two stories. Instead, it was a series of present day and flashbacks between the exploits of Prince Jonathan and his sister, Princes Michal. These stories goes back and forth as the comic progress. I find that way of presenting the story enjoyable. The first issue employed a flashback method through King Saul’s dream but doing it here brings a fresh approach and meant to detached from the 1st issue (although we read in the last issue the predicaments of these two that’s why they go into a mission). So Chapter 2 is more on those two characters, meaning no Saul, no Samuel, no Seraphim nor David in this story. But they do have some supporting cast to make the story alive.

My verdict: 

Chapter 2 of Dominion is not what I have expected to be, story wise. I was expecting it to be like the 1st issue’s storytelling. It’s like diverging from the narrative to tell it through two stories of Jonathan and Michal. Nevertheless, it’s a good read and a clever thing to do. I was surprised with the added pages as well as this approach and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

4.5 out of 5

Get your copy of this comic here.

(Terminus Media provided a digital copy for this review)

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