8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Confess” (Trevor Bates)

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Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book, Confess: How Confessing Your Secret Sins Produces Comfort and Unity by Trevor Bates. If you like these quotes, consider supporting the authors by purchasing the book by clicking this link.

“What we need for all of our sins, whether secret or known, is salvation from them. We need salvation from ourselves, from sin and death and destruction, from the world, from Satan, from our own nature. We need salvation and a Savior.”

We deal with our sin not by putting ourselves through a morality dishwasher, by simply hopping in the bath of good works and good vibes. We deal with our sin first by calling it sin.”

“…true confession is when we realize that our sins are against a holy God. When we come to understand that our sins are committed against a holy God, the very God Who created us no less, we should be quick to repent of our sins. Because our sins are so great, and because the God against Whom we sin is holy, our repentance should be sincere.”

“Bringing your sins and my sins to the light of the gospel, seeing them for what they are, and going to Jesus for strength and grace is the most liberating thing that can ever take place in our lives.”

“This is how unity in Christ works. We are unified because we are made to be one body by the saving work of Christ in us. That unity is then displayed in acts of love toward one another, such as the act of love in praying for one another.”

“Confess your sins to God and confess your sins to your brothers and sisters in Christ so that they can join you in praying for strength, peace, comfort, victory, and unity.”

“We are made strong by bowing down before Him in earnest prayer, and that bowing down in earnest prayer is done best when we are arm-in-arm with fellow Christian soldiers who are all prepared for the battle God’s way: through a life filled with prayer and by the equipping of the saints in Christ Jesus.”

“When we love, encourage, pray for, and support one another so that we are each built up in Christ and toward Christ, the end result is that we are ​all​ built up in Christ and toward Christ.”

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