8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Confess” (Trevor Bates)

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Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book, Confess: How Confessing Your Secret Sins Produces Comfort and Unity by Trevor Bates. If you like these quotes, consider supporting the authors by purchasing the book by clicking this link.

“What we need for all of our sins, whether secret or known, is salvation from them. We need salvation from ourselves, from sin and death and destruction, from the world, from Satan, from our own nature. We need salvation and a Savior.”

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Used Book Finds: Body Life: The Church Comes Alive by Ray C. Stedman

After posting the book by Donald Grey Barnhouse, I think I should put a series of used book finds that I don’t actually readJ. Kidding aside, I should let my readers know that if I post a used book (except if it’s for my book reviews) it doesn’t mean I recommend it. I’m not stopping you for looking and reading it, if you really want to, but we should put our discernment caps on (so with my book reviews). Having that in mind, let’s turn to a book by Ray C. Stedman titled “Body Life” published by Regal Books ©1972. Did I mentioned I found this at BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines)?

In this book Dr. Stedman talks about how the body of Christ (church) should edify one another. Not only does he tell it in a “how-to” manner but how in his own church, Peninsula Bible Church does it effectively. We always hope and pray that we believers should not be cold to each other.  Most importantly be passionately hot for serving one another. That when we will see the Holy Spirit working on everyone as we draw ourselves to God.

By the way, what books encourage you to edify fellow believers? Please post it on the comment.