8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “The Weirdest Nativity” (Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell)

Let this blog dump some Christmas spirit to you as that holiday approaches. Here are some quotes from the book I finished titled, The Weirdest Nativity authored by Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmel, published 10 Publishing. Get your copy by clicking this link.

“For those who change sides to follow Christ, the future is glorious. The devil is eventually destroyed. The world is made new. Tears are gone. We will live in a perfect world forever.”

“Being on the winning side is worth a battle. Eternal security is worth temporary hardship. God’s forgiveness is worth human accusation. Gaining Christ is worth losing everything.”

“If the devil is not always breathing fire, believers at least have to endure the stench of his breath.”

“For those who have been purchased and saved and cleansed by Jesus’ death on the cross, there can be no condemnation on the day of judgment. It is the only hope of a clear conscience. It is the only hope of vindication in heaven’s court.”

“As the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, so Christians were once slaves to sin. But Jesus paid the price of their freedom with his own blood. His death sets Christians free.”

“Jesus had identified himself with the sacrificial lambs whose blood had marked out the Israelite houses more than a millennium earlier. Because those lambs died, the Israelite firstborn didn’t experience the plague. Because Jesus died, Christians will not face God’s judgment.”

“God is not a slot machine, where we put in an ‘I’m sorry’ and out comes an ‘I forgive you’. The Bible does say that God is love. But it also insists that he is just. He won’t sweep our wrongdoing under a giant heavenly carpet.”

“As the ultimate story of good versus evil, you might think this is a bit lame. It’s not a protracted battle, stretched out over several films like a Peter Jackson trilogy. The sides are not evenly matched: Jesus is born and then he wins. The end.”

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