Book Review: A Biblical Counseling Process (Lauren Whitman)

As a Christian who is looking for resources that will help us as individuals and as a member of a church we need something that is completely saturated with the Gospel. The Gospel is the factor not just to save us from our sins but also drive us into action. The Gospel compel us to reach out to this lost world to give answers filled with hope. We are not just to give answers that spells apologetics but answers that will cater to other needs. Due to the changing times and culture, we find ourselves gravitating to resources that are effective and concise. Which might be a challenge to authors that carries a weighty message. Conveying it in a short volume might steal the essentials needed to connect the message to those who are in need.

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How to Create an Instant Digital Christian Library Without Breaking the Bank

Previously I posted on my Facebook an article from Tim Challies blog that made theology geeks everywhere shout for joy. The title of the article is “A Secret Way to Kick-Start Your Theological Library” in which he gave tips on how to create a digital library without breaking the bank. Tim listed links of free downloadable theology journals from different seminaries or organizations. He even includes a link on how to use Evernote to save and catalog those fine resources. I already checked those journals and I can attest that they are great resources considering that they are free. So if you don’t want to buy expensive theology book, this article will give you the best alternative..

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Book Review: “Consider Your Counsel” (Bob W. Kellemen)

In every ministry there will always be flaws. No matter how good the method or program it administers, there will be some shortcomings. We are finite beings and sinners. No ministry is foolproof. It is by God’s grace that He allows us to work on a ministry. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t address those we can see and polish it to be better. Specifically, in biblical counseling, as we engage to fellow image bearers and helping them to be connected to the Scriptures. Resources are welcome to fix what we are already practicing. And that’s were Consider Your Counsel steps in.

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Book Review: “Charitable Writing”(Richard Hughes Gibson and James E. Beitler III)

Finally, I have finished this great book on writing and now I want to share not just quotes from it but my impression of this volume. It’s took me a few months before I finish this due to the fact that I have to give way to other books that is short so I can have something to put on my blog. But as I lay aside this book and the parts I already read, the content still is stuck in my mind all throughout those time that’s why I was so eager to pick it up and finish it.

The introduction to Charitable Writing is of course essential but its a bit long. However, once you get out of the woods and it will be a smooth and enjoyable ride. Its a long read so expect it to be grueling but interesting journey.

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8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Why Children Matter” (Douglas Wilson)

Guys, can you do me a favor? If you have Twitter and enjoys sharing quote cards, I have some few images over my account that you might like. Also while you’re there follow me and I’ll follow you back.

Now here are my favorite quote from the book Why Children Matter by Douglas Wilson published by Canon Press. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

Your purpose as parents is ultimately to be the instrument of your children’s salvation. You are not the ground of their salvation, but you are commanded to imitate the One who is the ground of their salvation.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Being a Small Group Leader” (Richard Sweatman)

Got my Huawei tablet fixed and I turned it into a reading gadget. I’ll tell you all about it on an upcoming post.

Here’s some quotes from the book, Being a Small Group Leader by Richard Sweatman published by Matthias Media. If you like these quotes, consider supporting the author by purchasing the book by clicking this link.

“It’s important as Christians and leaders that we don’t just know about God; we must actually know God. Our knowledge must be part of a genuine relationship with him.”

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A List of Christian FB Pages That Creates Awesome Infographics!

Infographics are not just eye candies but it conveys a message that you can grasp in a glance. It helps easily digest ideas and concepts that a bunch of words can’t do. I love inforgraphics not only does it aids me to quickly learn something but it’s also a great opportunity to see some creativity and artworks.

This maybe a short list but I would like to give you readers opportunity to add your favorites here. Just fire it away on the comment section. Now here’s the list I hope you’ll enjoy:

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Book Review: “Parenting Essentials” by Andreas & Margaret Köstenberger


If you think the name Andreas Kostenberger,  is a bit daunting with this book, because of the books he previously wrote ( Going Deep in New Testament Greek, The Heresy of Orthodoxy, Invitation to Biblical Interpretation), well that’s what I felt when I got this book. To be honest, I haven’t read anything from this author.  However, I want to challenge myself. Knowing Kostenberger’s caliber, I should brace myself on reading this book that at first I thought it was written in an scholarly ivory tower. It turns out, as I take start reading, it is as if the book was written in a living room or perhaps at the porch. What I mean to say is that this short book is down to earth and very accessible. Nothing so daunting in this book.

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The Freebie Round-Up #83


One of my friend, Marc Daniel, sent me some goodies and one of them is St. Augustine’s Confessions. Really appreciate the gift and our friendship. I’m already reading it with my daughter in her morning devotional.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies for the week. If you’re new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

FREE e-book “Understanding Intelligent Design” by William Dembski and Sean McDowell – This the free ebook of the month from Faithlife/Logos, is this free compact guide on Intelligent Design.

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Book Review: “Bumps, Babies and the Gospel” by Sarah Dargue


I’m glad to know of a book that doesn’t just dive to the nitty-gritty of parenting but promise to prepare your heart on this chapter of a married couple. It might let you peek on some scary stuff of parenthood but gives you assurance and comfort that your not alone. The Scriptures may not have in mind the topic of preparing for parenting, but it has loads of principles soon to be parents can look up to. Bumps, Babies and the Gospel from 10 Publishing got you covered.

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