8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “I’m A Christian…Now What?” (Aaron Armstrong)

It’s 15 days to go before the launch of Aaron Armstrong book “I’m A Christian…Now What?” published by Lexham Press. Here’s some appetizers for you before you dig in with the book. Here are my favorite quotes from that book and if you want to order it now, go to this link.

“…when you become a Christian, especially when you’re coming to faith as an adult, you’re starting life over from scratch. You’re a grown-up in body, but a child in your faith, which means these early weeks, months, and years are a crucial time in your faith.”

“The secret to disagreeing like a Christian is best described as convictional kindness. Convictional kindness means having a firm belief or opinion while also being willing to genuinely listen to the views and perspectives of others. It is the natural outworking of both humility and tolerance, and in another time this would have been called by another name: charity.”

“We create because God is creative, and God calls creativity good—even if our creative efforts are sometimes decidedly not good.”

“Sharing your story isn’t the same as sharing the gospel. Your story is how you came to believe the gospel and be saved through the gospel. But it’s not the gospel. Only the gospel—the death and resurrection of Jesus for our sins—is the gospel. But your story can provide a natural opening to sharing the most important message about the most important person in the universe.”

“As a Christian, you do not need to be resigned to artistic mediocrity. There are Christians who make great art. There are non-Christians who make great art, too. There are Christians who make terrible art, and non-Christians who make terrible art, too. Our job is to both make and enjoy great books, movies, music, and every other creative endeavor under the sun, in a way that reflects our love of God as the One who created creativity.”

“Christianity is weird. We believe that there is a God we can’t see— one who exists outside space and time and made everything in the universe. We believe this same God sent his Son, Jesus (who is also God), into the world to live and die and live again for us. We believe that when we believe Jesus did this, our sins are for-given forever, and that someday this very same Jesus is coming back to fix the mess of this world.”

“Seek to live a quiet life. Focus on where God has placed you and the work he has called you to in this moment. Pursue a heart of convictional kindness.”

“The answer to embracing creativity in any form is not to offer a knock-off or a sound-alike. We shouldn’t encourage people to watch the “best Christian movie”— we should encourage them to watch objectively great movies (as subjective as that statement may be). Substitute creativity is mediocrity, and when it comes to creativity, mediocrity is a sin.”

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