(Interview) Tony Kummer on Sunday School

This blog was blessed by Sunday School Works, an online ministry providing free resources for churches, with two premium Sunday School curriculum this blog’s readers last April. So the good news is, I’ll be making it available for free again but now I’ll lift the limited time thing! So if you haven’t downloaded the curriculums, head over this link to get the freebies. Added to that is this interview with the founder of Sunday School Works/ Ministry to Children, Tony Kummer, as we talk about Sunday School and his ministries.

Hello Tony! Kindly tell us your testimony on how Christ saved you?

I was saved in High School when some school friends invited me to a youth group. After hearing the teaching, I started to read the Bible on my own and the Spirit really just opened my eyes that Jesus was real and his Gospel was for me too. I still remember the conviction in my heart reading through the book of Matthew for the fist time.

Now what is your favorite memory on Sunday School?

As a child my parents took to me Sunday School but very occasionally. I only remember the kind teacher who came every week and gave us snacks. I learned a few Bible stories but most of all I learned that church people were kind and wanted to help me, even if that didn’t make sense until later when I was saved.

Cool. How important is Sunday School? Can you give a brief history on how it came to be part of church service?

The churches I’ve been a part of have always had Sunday School. In my part of America the Baptist and Methodist churches (my background) considered Bible teaching second only to evangelism – especially for young people.

Some might say I can just listen to the sermon and skip Sunday School. Is the sermon for that service enough for a believer or do they need Sunday School?

Sunday School provides fellowship and a way to learn in community with others. One of the main purposes of Sunday school is to learn about the Bible. But it’s not just about learning stories from the Bible – it’s also about teaching kids important values and helping them build a strong foundation for their faith. Sunday school can also be a great place for kids to make friends and learn more about God in a setting that’s fun and relaxed. Teachers in Sunday school are usually very dedicated to helping kids grow in their faith, so it can be a great place for parents to entrust their children with someone who will care for them spiritually.

How did Ministry to Children/ Sunday School Works came to be? I know your ministry is pre-social media time, right?

Ministry To Children was my blog when I first started serving as a kids pastor. It was a way to connect with others (before Facebook and Twitter) because I was in a small community and didn’t know any other children’s ministry leaders. That was back in 2007 and it has grown up a lot over the years but some older material feels out of date. For me the idea of revising 4500 articles didn’t make sense. That’s why I started Sunday School Works, it’s building up one week at a time and I’m building in direct PDF downloads with every lesson plan. 

What resources are available on Ministry to Children?

We have over 4500 free resources, well over half of those are lesson plans or children’s sermons. There are also games, coloring pages, worksheets, Christmas programs, VBS curriculum, and lots of articles of ministry leaders. Personally, I use the search feature because I can’t remember everything we’ve added over the years. Just this month we’ve also started a new site for Youth Ministry because one of our writers has a passion to do more teenage Bible lessons. https://youthgroupministry.com/

Wow that’s alot! How do you prepare for the free and paid resources available on your website? 

From the beginning I ran out of my own ideas – so I’ve always had a team of writers sharing resources from their own ministry. Everything is basically the fruit of their local church efforts made presentable for others to benefit. The paid curriculum is new and we have a professional editor, graphics team, and brainstorm lesson themes.

Your ministry has been serving believers for a long time? Any lessons along the way that you learn as you minister to folks? 

Ministry To Children is turning 15 this month, that’s very long in internet time. I think what’s made it work is making it always free and slowly adding more and more content. I never know if people will enjoy a resource we publish, but I know the struggle of finding materials in a small church (especially with no budget). 

Kindly invite our readers to check you and your ministry. Any social media we can access to?

You can check this link to see my current projects.

Any parting words for those who wants to participate in Sunday School ministry both teachers and attendees alike?

No investment made in God’s children is wasted. Kids ministry can feel discouraging but seeds planted this Sunday can be blessed by the Holy Spirit in ways beyond what we can imagine. So be faithful, teach your best, and love the kids in Jesus name.

Thanks again Tony for this opportunity to reach out to you.

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