8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “The Songs of A Warrior” (Katy Morgan)

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Anyways, here are my favorite quotes from the book , The Songs of A Warrior Katy Morgan published by The Good Book Company. Click here to buy the book in digital and physical format.

“Who is God besides the Lord?” he sang. He’d written the words himself, soon after the battle, and taught them to everyone in the city. It was their song as well as his. “Who is the rock except our God?” “It is God,” the crowd roared, “who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”

“The whole world will know that there is a God in Israel! Everyone here will know that it’s not by the sword or the spear that the Lord saves. The battle is the Lord’s! The battle is the Lord’s, and he will give you all into our hands!”

“Samuel put this stone here as a reminder, after the war with the Philistines. Thus far the Lord has helped us, Samuel said.” Kish’s face was very serious. “The Lord has helped us. That’s what we’ve got to remember. Always, throughout every generation, God has led the people of Israel. He is our God. He is the one who gave us our land.”

“I’m not interested in gaining power, Michal. I want… I want my kingdom to be one where people act justly.
Follow God’s law. Find it in themselves not to kill each other…”

“Samuel will help me,” he replied quietly. “You’re right. And the Lord. I’ve done nothing wrong. He’ll keep me safe. He’s my helper. Better than walls.” Gently he pulled her arms away from his waist, setting them by her sides. He kissed her, just once. “My helper. My fortress. Yours too, Michal.”

“Chief,” said one of the lookouts in greeting as David and Abishai reached the first of the low grey tents.
“Good hunting?”
“Not so good,” answered David.
“The Lord will provide.”
“That’s true: he always has.”It was good to keep remembering it; good to have men to tell it to.

“Do you really think,” he cried, “that we’re supposed to just make our own plans and then ask God to smile on them? No! We’re supposed to do what God says! He’s not like a—a hired warrior! You don’t just pay him to do what you want! He’s the one the plans are supposed to come from.”

“Swear to me,” Jonathan said, “swear it again, that you will always be kind to me and to my family.”
David nodded. “The Lord is witness between you and me,” he said slowly, “and between my descendants and your descendants for ever.”
Then they clasped hands one last time. It was dangerous to stay together. But it was too hard not to.

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