The Freebie Round-Up #145

I’ve been talking to a solo parent who hasn’t been in church for quite a while. She told me that she’s having a hard time going back because of what happened to her life. I knew her when she was a teenager and she was very active then. We talked about parenting and told her a story that is similar to her situation. That gave her encouragement to think about church again. Please pray for her as she makes her first step going back to church.

Anyways, enjoy these freebies!

FREE e-books “How Should I Approach Art?”, “What Comes after This Life?” and “What Are the Sacraments?”(R. C. Sproul) – Not just one but three new free e-books from the “Crucial Questions” series from Ligonier Ministries. You can find the new booklets first on the list along with all the free e-books included in this series.

FREE ebooklet “The Doctrine of Justification by Faith Opened and Applied” (William Bridge)– Reformed Resources offers this free 37 page booklet from Puritan William Bridge, which was taken from a larger volume of his work.

FREE course “Machen and the Presbyterian” Controversy (Darryl G. Hart) – A new free course from the Reformed Forum. Don’t forget to create a free account so you can easily enroll to all the courses available.

FREE e-book “The Danger of An Unconverted Ministry” (Gilbert Tennet) – This has been posted for quite some time now according to Log College Press nevertheless an interesting free booklet from their ever growing digital library.

FREE “Baby Wren” printables and “2023 Jesus Storybook Bible Lent Guide” (Sally Loyld-Jones)  – Three freebies in one post. Get two printables from Sally’s book, Baby Wren and a lent guide based on her best selling book, The Jesus Storybook Bible. Download all for free here.

FREE e-pamphlet “Prayers for Lent: A Free Reflection Guide” (Lexham Press)– This free e-pamphlet contains order of prayer and Bible reading plan adapted from Catechism: A Guide to the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer.

FREE e-book “Graduated” Catechism Booklet” (Phoenix United Reformed Church)– Pastor Spotts developed this booklet to help children memorize the Heidelberg catechism in various level and age. Click here for more info and download it for free.

Now for some e-mail list from these publisher:

10 of Those free ebook weekly

Wipf and Stock e-mail subscription

Mytrelfield House

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