Comicbook Review: Tenet’s Tales #1: Trouble Maker

Summary: Tenet comes face to face with a demon plaguing a farming family. How can he defeat the monster and give hope to this family that is beyond what he can do? Brace yourself as Brannon Hollingsworth and the rest of the Tenet’s Tales creative team opens the spiritual realm with this Hellboy meets X-Files inspired Christian comic.

Cover Art: The cover is dope! The artwork, logos, layout and letterings are stunning. The issue title and the logos are place in a vertical gray bar kinda reminds me of what you see on vintage horror comics covers. As for the comicbook title, it’s refreshing to see that it’s not on the usual place . Its at the left corner of the book which allows you to appreciate the cover art. It’s similar to the current trends of comicbook covers we see on mainstream and popular indie comic company. The actual cover art striking as if the charaters is inviting you to come to their world, if you dare! Now imagine having a physical copy of this book and staring at the cover for a few moment. I enjoyed savoring the cover.

Storytelling: Brannon Hollingsworth’s story is pretty straigtht forward dive into the supernatural/detective plot. It’s classic tale of good versus evil with a twist. Much of the story is spent on the action part, which is well executed. The dialogues and interactions are fluid and its a good thing Hollingsworth didnt made all the character speak the same way. I like the epilogue part because it touches the heart and points you to the Bible (literally!).

Although the story and artwork are solid packed in a 12 page comics, there are more things that should have been explored with having additional pages for this supernatural Christian book. I hope they will give some extra pages with the next issue or release it in trade paperback. The concept is very interesting and I assure you its worth investing your time as this series progress. Tenet’s Tales has lots of potentials on putting a Christian spin on Hellboy story.

Artwork: Speaking of Hellboy, the cover artwork has a Mike Mignola flavor. Although its influence didnt spill over the interior art, nevertheless the artwork compliments the story. Having a cartoonish style all over the book, the characters, backgrounds and colors brings a brooding vibe as you dive into it. The setting was night time so you’ll feel the dark and gritty story even more. This is a period episode, but not much can seen on the clothes or looks of the characters except for the dialogues.Tenet’s weapons are cool and I love how it worked out in the story. It compliments his magic powers and not merely props just to make the character look cool.

My verdict: 

Tenet’s Tales #1 is a promising comicbook that really delivers what it is: Christian but definitely not your grand-dad’s Christian comic! So expect some violence, blood, scary monsters and magic. Of course those stuff are not done hardcore here. Still its for mature or older audience. In short, this is not for kids. Like what I have said I wish they would add more pages for this comic to explore more of the story and character. Still it’s a good read, enjoyable and you’ll come back for more of this stuff from the Brainy Pixel.

4 out of 5

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