Comicbook Review: Chronicles Of Faith: David #0

Summary: Chronicles of Faith premier issue focuses on the all familiar story of David. Well when you finish reading this comic, I think you’ll drop the word “familiar”. Mercy Ways and Brainy Pixels brings a fresh approach to the life of David as told by King David to his son, Prince Solomon. Through stunning artwork and storytelling, you’ll enjoy David’s adventure like its your first time to read it.

Cover Art: A full body portrait of the young David is something of a teaser to the artwork you’ll expect inside. You might think it will be the usual stuff but just looking at the cover it hinting that it is a adventure filling story all ages will enjoy.

Storytelling: The story is told by King David to young Solomon so it’s a breather to have this kind of treatment. Although Anaya started it with the familiar story of David vs. Goliath he then transitioned it to the conversation between David and Solomon which is pretty cool. The he rewind it further to give you another story which is not as epic as the Goliath story nevertheless it’s a good read.

Artwork: Ivan Anaya did the script plus the artwork and it’s excellent! The opening page is a two page spread which sets the adventure vibe. Another two page spread in the comic includes Old Testament heroes before David is awesome. It’s like a mural and what’s neat about it is that it tells some events of these characters life. Wow!

The artwork also reminds me of Zelda but if you’re into anime you’ll feel a bit of Naruto, One Piece or Studio Gibli adventure vibe in it. Its anime inspired without those exaggerated reactions.

The coloring and the lettering brings the colorful and vibrant feel in the comic. I love how Sofia Flores renders the fonts that are like calligraphy. She shines as she turns some pages into a calligraphy poster which I think you can download from the Brainy Pixel website. The colors like I have said are vibrant. Even in the raining scenes, the colors still are eye candy. So those parts didn’t make it into doom and gloomy scene. Since this is a for all ages comic, there is no need for a dark and gritty look.

My verdict: 

A good head start for a comic with a different spin on the all familiar story of David, you’ll love this one from beginning to end. The story and artwork are solid blended with stunning color and lettering, you better savor every pages and panel of this comic. Of course this will be a series but the cliffhanger ending is a satisfying one. For this, I would like to give the production team a standing ovation for a job well done! Bravo!

5 out of 5

Get your copy of this comic here.

(Brainy Pixel Productions provided a digital copy for this review)

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