8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “The Sermon on the Mount: The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached” (Trevor Bates)

Happy Easter! May the hope of the risen Christ be always in your hearts as we start another week as living testimonies for our Savior.

Now here are my favorite quote from the book The Sermon on the Mount: The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached by Trevor Bates. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“The Preacher of the Sermon on the Mount cares for those to whom He preaches, and He loves them. This means that He moves toward them, and they see His tender love and care. What is the response of seeing such tender love and care? They follow.”

“The Sermon on the Mount points us to our dire need for Jesus. He alone fulfills the Law. Jesus alone has the right to give us commands and judge us for our adherence and obedience to those commands. He alone has the authority to speak to us as He does. “

“The greatest treasure we have if we are in Christ is just that – to be in Christ. To spend an eternity with Jesus, our Savior and Friend, is to have the very depth of riches itself.”

“The beauty of the gospel message is that we are told that we are utterly broken. But it does not leave us there. The Holy Spirit of God never convicts only; He convicts and comforts, reveals and rescues. That is the blessing given to those who see their sin and go to Jesus to be delivered from it.”

“Everyone who has the hope of salvation has been purified in Christ Jesus. The hope of seeing the Father some glad day is rooted in the precious promises of the God Who purifies us. We are upheld not by our own purity but by the purity of Christ which enrobes us until we see Him face-to-face.”

“We should be so Biblical that if we were cut open we would bleed Bible, so convinced of spiritual truth that we aim always and only to be faithful to God and His Word.”

“God never leaves a project half-finished. He is not a deistic God – that is, a God Who creates and then steps away, a God Who rolls the bowling ball down the lane and then hopes for the best; no, He is a God Who sovereignly and actively ordains whatsoever comes to pass and brings our will to be in line with His.”

“Expecting the fullness of God’s blessings here is expecting God’s blessing out of place and out of time. Our eternal home with Jesus is where we will find our eternal blessings.”

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