8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Both And” (Ross Cunningham)

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Now here are my favorite quote from the book Both And by Ross Cunningham published by Christian Focus. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“To rest only on one truth, at the expense of the other, leads to an impoverished view of God.”

In every case of apparent contradiction, whether paradox or mystery, Scripture provides a clear framework to aid our understanding. The Bible doesn’t try to reconcile both sides of the argument—it merely states both to be true. From this emerges a framework of ‘both-and’. In other words, we are simply required to hold up both sides of these apparent contradictions as equally true and valid. Not to choose one over the other, but rather, to let them co-exist.”

“Reason may break down old arguments and open up new vistas, but only faith can help us make the final leap home.”

“This all-important, eternal perspective to our joy is like medicine in a broken world. When someone is thankful and joyful in God, in the face of great adversity, it is the best possible witness to God’s grace. When the world sees joy and sorrow operating together in this way, Christ is most gloriously displayed in us.”

“The danger of losing sight of God’s sustaining hand in our perseverance is that pride may lead us to boast in our human endeavour. On the other hand, if we simply sit back and make no human effort to persevere at all, then we neglect to make use of the gift God has given us.”

Knowing that both sides of this apparent contradiction are equally true and necessary is essential for our spiritual journey. That God has already decided the future should give us great stability, assurance and comfort. That this same future is unfolding through our prayers and actions should highlight the importance of our ongoing engagement with the living God.”

“God is always at work, making the supernatural seem perfectly natural to us.”

“…without God’s intimate fatherly care, He would be impossible to love. Without His infinite holiness, He wouldn’t be worth loving. He would be too similar to us—not majestic enough to be held in the kind of awe that leads us to fall on our knees in wonder, love and praise.”

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