8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “The Good Sporting Life” by Stephen Liggins


I want to grab this opportunity to tell you that I’m involved with another ministry. Gospel of Grace Ministries aims to provide Christian literatures and Filipino translations of Christian books. As of today, we are able to provide Spurgeon’s Faith’s Checkbook and The London Baptist Confession of Faith 1689 in Filipino language on a daily basis on our FB Page for free. Once the lockdown is lifted we will have a meeting to lay the plans and direction of this ministry. For now, you can check the ministry FB Page.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book, The Good Sporting Life by Stephen Liggins published by MatthiasMedia. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Living as a Christian in a sporting context–or any context, for that matter–involves struggle. The stronger our relationship with God, the better we will do.”

“Our relationship with God will affect how we think about sport, how we play sport, and how we treat and behave with the people with whom we come into contact.”

“To stand firm as a Christian, to grow as a Christian, to play sport in a godly way, to enjoy sport in the way God intended,
and to have a positive impact on those around us (in the sporting context and otherwise), we must constantly listen to God’s word and pray to him.”

“A sportsperson can glorify God with their words by acknowledging that the ability and opportunity to play their sport, regardless of how they perform, comes ultimately from God. Thus, athletes might thank God or give glory to God when they perform well or when they simply participate. “

“…it must be said here that competing in a sportsmanlike manner brings great glory to God and shows us something of his love. It would be a tragedy for all concerned if a Christian participating in sport did not think of God when playing sport, thank God for that sport, and seek to bring glory to God in that sport by their words and actions. “

“As Christians, we find our identity and significance in the fact that we are created by God and loved by God, not in the fact that we play or may be good at sport.”

“Why is it that sport–a good thing ultimately given to us by God–can function in this negative way? It is because, like all good things, it takes place in a fallen world with sinful
people taking part.”

“We may stop playing sport, but we never stop serving Christ. He has important things for us to do for the whole of our life.”

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