Children’s Book Review: Jesus Came For Me (Jared Kennedy and Trish Mahoney)

It’s a joy for parents to see that their children come to Christ for salvation. We can consider that to be the most sought after moment for parents who are doing their best to raise godly children. Parents pray and look for resources that will help them lead their kids to God. Thankfully there a tools that are Bible based that our little ones will love.

Jesus Came For Me offers such help to open your little ones to the gospel by presenting the Christmas story. I think there is nothing more captivating to kids and spark their interest than that special occasion. After all, that’s the point of the birth of Jesus.

I like how Kennedy divided the book in three episodes in a limited space of 10 pages without loosing the substance. He drives the book three installments: Zacharias and Elizabeth, The Angel and the Shepherds; The Wise Men and Herod with biblical lessons that points to the importance of gospel. You’ll love these lessons and it’s easy for kids to understand. Of course with a format you cant put all of the things you need to say, but Kennedy has these “epilogues” that completes the each installments. A sort of “guided question” further helps kids to think about what they read.

Trish Mahoney’s artwork fits well with the book. I like how she handles the choice of colors that she gives to the background of each scene. Characters are designed well and their emotional expression are good (although its a bit awkward to see Zacharias with a zipper on his mouth to indicate he became mute).

Jesus Came For Me is a good primer to teach your young ones about the gospel. This book will point your kids to the gospel. This “3 stories in one” book doesn’t just tell you the a straight forward narrative of different events surrounding the birth of Christ, it offers your kids to look beyond the story and see Christ.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

Purchase the book by clicking here.

(Review copy of this book was provided by New Growth Press)

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