My 4 Favorite Albums (and 1 EP) Released in 2020

If you consider life as a journey, the books (including the Bible) is your compass on which direction you’ll go. But dont forget to have music to have a soundtrack in every road you travel.

Here’s my best picks of albums that was release this year that might give you that soundtrack in your journey.

Covers (Switchfoot)- Every song in this all covers EP, SF owns it! From the socially conscious Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers to the groovy Light Up, this album by veteran rock band Switchfoot dishes out their signature sound and versatility in every song in their latest outing.

Piano Calm Prayer (Phillip Keveren) Keveren released a couple of albums this 2020, but Piano Calm Prayer is my favorite and my go to music when I want to spend my time journaling and reading God’s Word. This collection of rich and soothing piano covers of old hymns will  captive you soul and help you contemplate the majesty of God.

The Joy of Being (Citizens) – I’m an album loyalist listener and I want the whole album to be perfect or I wont listen to it again (or to the artist) ever. Even if it has a couple of good tunes, for me it wont carry the album or my love for the band. So I have initial doubts on lastest music from Citizens. Nevertheless The Joy Being is an awesome album. Citizen with their usual sound and accessible lyrics topped with Zac Bolen’s vocal persuasiveness, they deliever songs like the Coldplay sounding Holy Love, and the solemn prayer of Forgive Us that will leave you with LSS all day.

The Path (Fit For A King)– FFAK is one of those metal bands that I want to like but nothing appeals to me. Along came this album and I’m completely sold. More melodic and more positive in their message than the previous albums and with a dash of electronic, FFAK 2020 release brings the thunder.

Twenty-Four (Jonathan Ogden)– I almost forgot this one because this is a pre COVID19 album. It’s fitting to listen to it again inject with some chillaxing groves. This is the first solo effort of Rivers and Robots frontman Jonathan Ogden and its an ambitious album. With 24 tracks (some are instrumental) represents the 24 hour of the day will move you to contemplate. A whole day soundtrack, Ogden, armed with smooth voice, lo fi beat sensibilities and smart lyrics you’ll listen to this album to the very last track.

So how’s your year in music this 2020? Please share your thoughts in the comment box.

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