The Quotable Round-Up #107

falwffcSomeone ask me if I can have a copy of a book that I own. I know this sister in Christ is a single mom and making ends meet with here kids. Rather give her a e-book copy or tell her it’s available at a Christian bookstore, I’m happy to give it away to her. So I plan to give a book this coming Sunday. This got me thinking. Am I willing to give up books for someone who really wants one? Am I ready to empty my bookshelf for a fellow Christian. I know some of you bought books that are rare and expensive but books are still books. You can still but it and own it again. Also it’s much better to keep in mind that someone may be in need of a book. So I must consider buying an extra book when I go to the bookstore in that way if someone ask me one I have something to bless that person.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the book by Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood  Defining Deception. Order the book on Amazon by clicking this link.

“If personal experience becomes our final guide to truth, no one is left who can discern what is a gift of God from what is a Trojan horse attack from the devil, or from what is a lie from within our own heart.”

“False teachers are good communicators who understand how to manipulate feelings without directly addressing the need for individuals to pursue holiness. To do this they use highly stylized preaching and engaging music content that promises people immediate pleasure and prosperity-be it emotional or physical.”

“It isn’t uncommon for someone questioning the unbiblical practice inside these mystical-miracle churches to be threatened with the three C’s: cancer, curses and catastrophic events. Any of these tragedies” may happen to you” if you dare to speak out against an anointed leader. When you are living under a leader who uses these tactics, it feels a lot more like you are a member of a mafia than a biblical ministry.”

“In prosperity gospel circles, the love of money is prevalent and such love is unapologetic. It can actually be a form of competition to see who God is blessing the most!”

“The past century of Pentecostal/ Charismatic history is absolutely heart-breaking. Millions have lived and died under the guile of false teachers and millions more continue on the path of destruction. Christians need accurate information so they can make informed decisions with regards to the misleading miracles and exercise discernment with any teacher who claims to have a heritage from these teachers. Furthermore, true believers need to be prayerful, faithful, and resilient in reaching out to those caught in this net of deceit.”

“True New Testament miracles always pointed to the person of Christ. Therefore, if the glory of God and the Good News of Christ aren’t clarified or enhanced by a supposedly extraordinary act, it isn’t a miracle of God. Yet, if it’s not of God, then who is it from?”

“The Bible doesn’t say anywhere that Gospel power is evidenced in monetary gain, a life without sickness, Twitter followers, or responses to an altar call. In fact, the Bible depicts the life of those faithful to the Gospel as likely to lead to poverty, abuse by authorities and persecution.” 

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