8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “19 Pastoral Thoughts on Covid-19” by Conrad Mbewe


Happy Lord’s Day!  This is my second week on not being able to come to church because of our enhanced community quarantine. Three weeks ago is my last opportunity to preach and my wife wasn’t with me. But thank God the church is still having services and our pastor gave an online message as well. Later I’ll be check it out.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the booklet, 19 Pastoral Thoughts on Covid-19 by Conrad Mbewe published by Evergreen Publishers . If you like these quotes, please download the book by clicking here.

“In our current global crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic, this thought cannot be too far away from our minds: “Has God sent this as a plague upon humanity?” The politically correct answer is, “No, because he is a loving God. He cannot cause the kind of global panic, suffering and death that we are seeing from this pandemic.” However, the biblically correct answer is, “Yes, because he is a God who makes well-being and creates calamity.” God is in sovereign control of all things—including viruses.”

“In the name of love, may those (faith healers) who claim to have similar powers (like Jesus healing a leper) go and heal the COVID-19 victims! If the health workers do this alone—at great risk to their lives—let us not hear anyone claiming to have miraculous powers to heal the sick after COVID-19 is over. Anso.”

“Pause for a moment today and ask yourself the question, “What deep spiritual lesson have I personally learned during this COVID-19 pandemic? Has it weaned me from my love of the things of this world? Has this experience deepened my personal prayer life? Has it caused me to draw closer to God?”

“One reason why God allows us to go through trials is so that we can sympathise with those who later go through similar difficulties. That way we can help them from the depth of our hearts. We comfort them with the same comfort that God comforted us with.”

“in the light of this reality, should you as a Christian not be afraid? It is because your heavenly Father is in control of everything—including microscopic viruses. It is also because in all things—including a virus outbreak—your heavenly Father works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. “

“So, “How can a God of love allow COVID-19?” We answer, “We deserve worse than this because we are under God’s righteous judgement.”

“You can only say you are ready to die today if God’s saving grace enables you to live for his glory and not for your own self-indulgence. Your conscience cannot be bribed. Let COVID-19 cause you to make the kind of changes in your life that will make you ready to die today! “

“in today’s COVID-19 situation, we should recognise that God has allowed this virus to wreak havoc in this world and, if it pleases him, it will be the means of taking us as individuals into eternity. Yet, we should be doing everything in our power to stop COVID-19 from spreading and to help those who are infected and affected by its ravaging march.”

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