Children’s Book Review: Christmas Releases of The Good Book Company This October

The Good Book Company recently dropped some Christmas treats for kids. It’s one jolly bunch of books about the birth of Jesus Christ. So today, I’ll be reviewing them here, including sample pages of each book. Click on the title to get yourself a copy.

The Christmas Surprise (Stephanie Williams) – What I like about this book is that it didn’t quickly dive into the birth of Jesus. Rather it starts with a brief look on the “promise” made by God in the Garden of Eden and Israel. It revolves around people being surprised by Christ coming. The ending would be a good springboard to explain the gospel message to kids. The art is nice, it goes along with the story and appeals for the young reader. But the scene with the angel telling Mary about having a baby is a bit exaggerated. Still a good read for you and your kids.

Seek and Find: The First Christmas (Sarah Parker and Andre Parker) – I enjoy the artwork on this one, colorful and vibrant that will be eye candies to your little ones. Andre Parker two page panorama. Just when you think you have finished finding the items or people, go back to the opening page to start a”Where’s Waldo?” journey. The “seek and find” activity is accompanied by a story derived from the Gospel of Luke. Every “seek and find ” chapter ends with who Jesus is (redeemer, king, God, etc) based on the story in that chapter. Neat!

All About…Christmas (Alison Mitchell and Andre Parker) Among the books in this batch, this is one I’m excited about. This book looks like an illustrated reference book from DK Publishing or Nat Geo’s Kids Almanac. As you open this book, you’ll find that this is not just a trivia, behind the scene, back story information or “did you know?” book but weaved along those is the re-telling of the Christmas story. It even includes Bible verses and explains it for the reader. The photos are beautiful and I like that “see page” in some pages making it feel like a legit fact book for kids. Well written and enjoyable read, older kids will like this. It would be cool if they make a sticker book edition of this one.

Seek and Find: The First Christmas (Activity Book) (Sarah Parker and Andre Parker) – Are you ready for more fun? Seek and Find has another edition out which has tons of activities. Andre Parker’s artwork still shines here even if it’s in black and white. Have fun with activities like maze, spot the difference, trace and color. Like the Seek and Find above, this book will keep you and your little ones busy having fun while reading the Christmas story. This is my second favorite in this bundle.

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